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  1. artery
  2. lymph vessels, with valves
  3. lymphatic nodules of lymph node
  4. hilum of lymph node
  5. lymph node with white pulp in spleen
  6. blood vessel in spleen
  7. white pulp in spleen
  8. bone marrow w/ trabeculae and developing BC
  9. Meissner's corpuscle in dermal papillae
  10. Pacinian corpuscle
  11. soma (cell body) of multipolar neuron
  12. nucleus of multipolar neuron
  13. dendrites/axon of multipolar neuron
  14. neuroglia of multipolar neuron
  15. myelin sheath
  16. axon on myelinated nerve fiber
  17. nodes of Ranvier
  18. white matter
  19. gray matter
  20. central canal
  21. posterior/dorsal horn
  22. anterior/ventral horn
  23. molecular layer of cerebellum
  24. granular layer of cerebellum
  25. cerebellar cortex (molecular+granular layers)
  26. white matter/medulla of cerebellum
  27. Purkinje fibers
  28. Organ of Corti in cochlea
  29. vestibular membrance of cochlea
  30. scala vestibuli
  31. basilar membrane of cochlea
  32. scala tympani of cochlea
  33. scala media of cochlea
  34. tectorial membrane of cochlea
  35. sensory cell in Organ of Corti of cochlea
  36. taste buds in papillae of tongue
  37. anterior pituitary
  38. posterior pituitary
  39. infundibulum of hypothalamus
  40. pseudostatiflied ciliated columnar epithelium with goblet cells

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