Parasitology lab: Nematodes 2: 51-75

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  1. Dictyocaulus viviparous 

    Air passages in the cow
  2. Bunostomum phlebotomum

    Hookworm in cow
  3. Lifecycle of a nematode
  4. Ascarid egg in a fecal flotation preparation
  5. Parascaris equorum 

  6. Dictyocaulus arnfieldi 

    Trachea in a horse
    • Common bot: Gastrophilus intestinalis (white-lined of the stomach)
    • Throat bot: Gastrophilus nasalis (duodenal mucosa)

  7. Eggs of the common bot: Gastrophilus intestinalis

    Hairs at the forelimb of the knee
  8. Cutaneous habronemiasis (summer sores) affecting penile sheath of stallion
  9. Cutaneous habronemiasis (summer sores) with lesions at the orifice of the urethra
  10. Strongyloides stercoralis

    Fresh feces, bright red blood and chewing side 

    Dog, cat and man
  11. Strongyloides tumefaciens 

    In cats, produce bright red blood, diarrhea and projectile diarrhea due to the speed of evacuation of bowels, found in fresh feces
  12. Strongyloides tumefaciens and Strongyloides stercoralis produce numerous mucosal nodules, small holes are pits
  13. Histological slide of Micronema sp. 

    Horse parasite that invades the CNS

    Invading perivascular spaces of the brain
  14. Micronema sp.
  15. Strongylus sp. feeding on large intestinal mucosa

  16. Small Strongylus worms on rectal glove of a diarrheic 3 year old
  17. Strongyloides vulgaris larvae
  18. Strongylus asini

    African species invading zebras
  19. Strongylus asini 

  20. Syngamus trachea worms in pheasant trachea
  21. Syngamus trachea
  22. Stephanurus dentatus 

    Kidney worm of pigs

    Also inhibits the liver, lungs, spleen, muscles and spinal body cavities
  23. Stephanurus dentatus in urethra

    "Kidney worm" in swine
  24. Stephanurus dentatus in perineal fat

    "Kidney worm" in swine

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