Parasitology lab: Nematodes 2: Slides 76-100

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    Oesphagostomum columbianum 

    "Nodular worm" in sheep and goats
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    Oesphagostomum columbianum and Oesphagostomum radiatum will cause inflammation
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    Chabertia ovina 

    "Large-mouthed bowel worm" of sheep and ruminants

    Direct life cycle, soft feces and may be streaked with blood
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    Ancylostoma caninum 

    Passed in the feces and infective larvae develop in moist soil and ingested

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    Ancylostoma caninum 

    Hemorrhagic foci in intestinal mucosa of a Coonhound

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    Ancylostoma caninum attached to a canine intestine

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    Haemonchus contortus worms in a sheeps abomasum 

    "Twisted stomach worm" of sheep, cattle, goats and other ruminants
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    Ostertagia ostertagia 

    "Brown stomach worm" of ruminants
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    Ostertagia ostertagia 

    "Brown stomach worm" of ruminants
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    Cooperioides hepaticae

    Small reddish worms found in small intestines and liver of ruminants
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    Trichostrongylus spp.

    35 species, 2 from birds and the rest from domestic species
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    Severe diarrhea in a sheep
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    Hyostrongylus rubidus

    "Red stomach worm" of swine
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    Dictyocaulus viviparous 

    Lungworm of cattle, moose, elk, bison, deer, pigs and other large mammals
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    Dictyocaulus viviparous 

    Lungworms of cattle, moose, elk, bison, deer, and pigs
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    Pnemostrongylus sp. 

    Lungworms of carnivores, rodents, primates and swine
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    Infected lung
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    Cystocaulus infection
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    Metastrongylus worms surrounded by fibrotic tissue
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    Protostrongylus verminous pneumonia in lungs of sheep
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    Angiostrongylus cantonesis 

    Common parasite of the pulmonary arteries of rats
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    Toxocara canis in opened dog bowel

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    Toxocara canis adults emerging from a puppy bowel movement

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    Toxascaris leonina (Right) and Toxocara canis (Left)

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    Ascaris lumbricoides

    Largest nematode of the human intestines and most prevalent parasite in the world
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