Vocabulary Set 1

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  1. debacle
    • A sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco
    • /diˈbakəl/
  2. havoc
    devastation or total mayhem; often wreaked by hurricanes, angry mobs, and wild parties that get out of control
  3. wreak
    to cause something to happen, usually with a terrible consequence; suggests a deeper level of destruction
  4. dissolution
    seperation, breaking up, detachment
  5. profligacy
    the trait of spending extravagantly, or in a wasteful manner
  6. extravagance
    the quality of exceeding the appropriate limits of decorum or probability or truth; excessive spending
  7. dissipation
    act of breaking up and scattering or spreading widely; also refers to wasteful or thoughtless spending or activity

    (v. dissipate)
  8. licentious
    • lī-ˈsen(t)-shəs
    • suggestive of or tending to moral looseness, obscene or dirty; driven by lust
  9. detain
    you hold them back, slow them down, or stop them from moving on; stop or halt; deprive of freedom, take into confinement
  10. ignominious
    (used of conduct or character) deserving or bringing disgrace or shame
  11. opprobrious
    heavy-duty word to describe something taunting or shameful
  12. scurrilous
    meant to offend; doesn't necessarily mean it isn't true, but it does suggest a certain indifference to the truth
  13. insolvent
    unable to meet or discharge financial obligations, bankrupt
  14. omission
    you leave something out, purposeful or a result of neglect
  15. inadvertence
    the trait of forgetting or ignoring your responsibilities; an unintentional omission resulting from failure to notice something
  16. copout
    a failure to face some difficulty squarely
  17. breach
    n. an opening; a failure to perform some promised act or obligation

    v. make an opening or gap in; act in disregard of laws, rules, contracts, or promises
  18. rupture
    n. a break or tear in something that pulls it apart

    v. separate or cause to separate abruptly
  19. severance
    ending of a connection or relationship
  20. lapse
    n. a temporary slip, failure or break in continuity

    v. drop to a lower level, as in one's morals or standards; pass by
  21. recidivate
    go back to bad behavior
  22. regress
    to return to a former state or condition, and not usually in a good way

    "Seems like you really matured two years ago and then you regressed and fell back."
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