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  1. what is Representation?
    The term, ‘representation’ refers to the formal designation of certain organizational institutions & processes as the means whereby employees can, on collective basis, enter into dialogue with management, express their views & seek to influence management decision making.
  2. What is the TU Origin & Development?
    Six explanations (1 - Psychological)

    • -TU are the product of worker’s psychological alienation
    • -Tu intend to infuse a sense of solidarity & community in the minds of workers
    • -TU are workers rebellion against extreme individualism (promoted by modern industrial society 

    Six explanations (2 - Rightist)

    • -TU are tools of state & management
    • -TU meant to serve larger cause of improving production & productivity
    • -TU are responsible for creating a disciplined & responsible workforce

    Six explanations (3 - Institutional)

    • TU grew due to state patronage
    • - Socialist & Labor government (left wing) helped in the expansion
    • - Establishment’s of institutions (such as 3rd party) provided a sense of a ‘sense of being listened to’

    • Six explanations (4 - Reformist)
    • -TU seeks to reform management authoritative & unregulated practices
    • -Have some degree of workers control in IR
    • - Agenda to reform capitalism through balanced & regulated IR

    • Six explanations (5 - Economic)
    • - Economic-self interest is the major motivating factor
    • -Workers intends to protect their job rights & improve terms & conditions

    • Six explanations (6 - Marxist)
    • -TU are results of modern industrial capitalism
    • -TU are organized to confer more political & economic power
    • -Workers intends to improve terms & conditions are immediate objectives
    • -TU ultimate objectives is the destruction of capitalism
  3. TU Recognition..?
    TU(s) are accepted by management as the representative of all, or a group, of employees for the purpose of jointly determining their terms & conditions

    - Voluntary    |  for the purpose of CB Compulsory   |
  4. TU can take place in...?
    • CB can take place in
    • - "shop-floor“ / enterprise level - micro (decentralize),
    • -Regional / industry level- meso (centralize), and
    • - National level – macro (centralize).

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