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  1. MBAM
    MS BitLocker Admin.-->MBAM decreased the need to manually maintain individual encrypted hard drives.  MBAM Manages encrypted hard drives at a centrelized in location.    ets end users recover PIN keys easily.  MBAM has a self service portal for recovering PIN keys.  The portal lets enduser recover PIN keys easily.   implementation.  minimized IT personnel cost associated with managing encrypting drives.  MBAM enabling end users to perform common support tasks using a Self Service Portal.  Using self help portal minimize need for IT personnel.   the need allows end user to easily solve the in an organization.  Management is centrelized in one location.  BitLocker performs all managing tasks on a server.    the need to provides centralized administration of encrypted drives. MBAM is located on a server.   Benefit:  no time and effort will be wasted in in trying to locate encrypted drive needs to be managed.
  2. USMT,
    User State Migration Toolkit-->Lets users keep thier old computer settings.  USMT transfers user settings to new computer. New computer keep old computer settings.  Recreating .... transfer.  installs.  The end users settings are migrated.   Benefit: Reduces end-user downtime required to customize desktops and find missing files
  3. ADK
    Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit-->Collection of software tool used to customize  the deployment Windows.  ADK greatly decreased the need to manually recreate needed settings on Windows installations.   Benefit: Windows deployment will be customizes to meet an end users needs.
  4. TPM
    Trusted Platform Module-->assists encryption software with encrypting a computers hard drive.   TPM stores access information separately from encrypted data.  Storing access information separately prevents unauthorized access.  microchip that stores security information needed to  access a computer data and/or information.  Benefit:  passwords, encryption keys and digital certificates are stored in chip and not in computers memory or hard drive.  Thus, an intruder will need physical access, special tools, and knowledge to access security info.  stores specific security information to the users computer.  designed to provide basic security-related functions, primarily involving encryption keys.
  5. MDOP
    Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack-->A suite of utilities used to make manageability and monitoring of enterprise desktops, emergency recovery, desktop virtualization and application virtualization easier. e.g. Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Tookit (DaRT), which has LockSmith of reseting a user account's password and Network adminstration's MBAM, Virtualization's App-V, etc.   Benefit:  Decreases downtime for end user; therefore, the end user can stay productive.
  6. App-V
    Application Virtualization--> allows clients to run applications locally via on demand streaming from a centralized server or standalone. Benefit:  decreased downtime for end users because applications will be streamed instead of manually being installed.
  7. Windows RT
    Windows RunTime, version of Windows 8 designed to run on mobile devices and utilizes tho ARM architecture.
  8. ARM architecture
    (Advanced RISC Machine) Type of computer computer processor architecture that uses less heat and power usage compared to traditional PC computer processor architectures.  Benefit: do not need to charge you computer device often.
  9. Windows Defender
    Provides increased defense against computer malware programs.  Windows anti-malware program.  Benefit:  End user's computer will be less likely   to be infected with a computer virus.
  10. WinPE
    Windows Preinstallation Environment-->Software that installs Windows using a file server.  benefit: Windows is installed much faster than a manual install; hence, the enduser stay productive will shorter duration of interruption.  f their  used when installing Windows installations from a file server.  by copying disk images from a network file server.
  11. Windows Mobility Center
    WMC lets you  change common laptop video settings used in presentations.  WMC allows a presenter to quickly access video settings.  Video settings that are quickly accessed can be quickly changed.    Benefit: end user can stay productive by not needing to hunt around windows looking for a particular application.
  12. DirectAccess
    DirectAccess  keeps end users connected to their organization's IntraNet via the Internet. (away from their organization). DirectAccess uses a VPN-like technology to keep end users connected.  End users will stay connected to their IntraNet as if they were using VPN.   Benefit:  End users don't need to manually connect and disconnect to their organizations intranet.
  13. VHDX
    supports virtual hard disks as large as 64 TB[51]. VHDX supporting large disk size mean   database and Exchange mail servers can be converted to VHDX.  with power failure resiliency.  VHDX with power failure resiliency means decreased data corruption when a power failure occurs.  
  14. SSD
    solid-state drive operate faster than traditional hard drives.  SSD integrated circuits to access data.  Integrated circuits access data faster than traditional HD.  data storage device using integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. benefit:  SSD starts programs quickter; hence, the end user can continue to work with less down time associated with starting some software wait time associated some software programs.
  15. BitLocker
    Software used to protect data.  Bitlocker protects data by encrpting whole drives.  Drives that are encpypted are drives that are protected.  that is used to secure important data store in Windows computers.  Benefit:  encrypts drives more quickly; hence, workers  down time is reduced while data is being encrypted.   provides better data protection for your computerR() by encrypting all data stored on the Windows
  16. WinRM
    Windows Remote Management--> allows administrators to remotely manage and remotely execute programs on windows machines.  Benefit: less downtime for end users while the end user's computer is being modified.
  17. Get-AppLockerPolicy
    Gets tAppLocker policy that has been applied to a Windows computer.
  18. AppLocker
    stops unauthorized programs from executing.  AppLocker only allows white listed programs to execute   Programs not on the white list are considered unauthorized.  nauthorized programs in violation of software agreements.  can be can be malicousStops unwanted or unknown programs from executing within an organization's network. Benefit: rules on software usage will be enforced; hence, end user productivity will not be disrupted due IT personnel having to deal with unauthorized software issues.  to unwanted or unknown software.    As a result, AppLocker provides security, operational, and compliance benefits.
  19. VHD
    Virtual Hard Drive is a file format which represents a virtual hard disk drive (HDD).
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