DIT day 5

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  1. heart defect with ?
    trisomy 21/?
    trisomy 18
    williams syndrome
    conotruncal abnormalities are seen with?
    congenital heart block
    • asd
    • vsd
    • supravalvular aortic stenosis
    • digeorge syndrome
    • lupus
  2. how do your rx anemia of chronic disease?
    treat the chronic disease
  3. what is arrest of dilation?>
    arrest of descent?
    • no dilation for 2 hours
    • no descent for 2 hours
  4. what are the types of prolonged labor?
    • prolonged latent stage-->20 hours
    • protracted cervical dilation-->1.4 cm/h4

    • arrest of descent -->2 hours
    • arrest of dilation->2 hours
  5. how many contractions in 10 minutes is adquate for labor'.?
    3 contractions
  6. false vs true labor?
    • false--irregular contractions but no cervix change
    • true--regular contractions and cervix changes
  7. what 2 antibodies are specific and confirmatory for sle?
    • anti smith
    • ant ds dna
  8. rx for temporal arteritis?
    rx for polymyalgia rheumatica?
    • high dose steroids
    • low dose steroids
  9. best initial test for primary hyperaldosteronism?
    most accurate?
    aldosterone/renin level

    nacl loading and seeing if it suppresses aldosterone or sampling adrenal vein for high aldosterone level
  10. rx for neonate with a hepatitis b infection in mother?
    hepatitis b vaccine and hep b ivig
  11. toxicity of trastuzumab?
  12. monoclonal antibody for her2-erb + cells?
  13. most common casues for cough?
    • gerd--ppi
    • post nasal drip--h1 blocker--chlorpherniramine
    • asthma-albuterol
  14. what germ cell tumors have the following markers>?
    beta hcg and afp
    beta hcg
    • embryonal carcinoma
    • choriocarcionoma and seminoma
    • yolk sac
  15. which bacteria have capsules?
    some killers have nice shiny bodies
    • salmonella
    • klebsiella
    • h. influenza
    • neisseria
    • s. pneumo
    • group b
  16. what to think when you see vitiligo?
    other autoimmune diseaess
  17. dry , rough with horny plates skin?
    ichtyhois vulgaris
  18. vitiligo commonly occurs with what disease/?
    addision disease
  19. antibodies present in hashimotos?
    anti tpo antibodies
  20. when is sx for primary hyperparathyroid done?
    in symptomatic patients

    in asymptomativ patient who have renal function impaired,  low dexa bone scan, <50 yo
  21. moa of sodium bicarb in tca overdose?
    na bicarb stop the tca from blocking sodium channels on the heart
  22. osteomyelitis from a nail going in the shoe and the foot?
  23. difference between hsv and cmv esophagitis?
    cmv has intranuclear inclusions and produces large and shallow ulcers
  24. treatment for endocarditis?
    iv antibiotics
  25. what htn drugs prevents osteoporosis?
  26. what is a contra indication to ace in renal pathology? bun and cr or high K?
    high K
  27. best initial test for renal artery stenosis?
    mr angiogram or duplex scan

    most accurate is arteriogram
  28. rx for ocp htn?>
    stop ocp and give progesterone only
  29. how do you lower bp in hypertensive emergency?
    initital decrease is no more than 25%
  30. what is the difference between acute and chronic rx for hf?
    stop bb in acute
  31. what is the map in shock? neurogenic?
    • 85
    • to prevent cord swelling
  32. side effect of norepi in shock?
    ischemia to various body parts
  33. what is better for venous stasis, unna boot or hydrocolloid dressing?
    hydrocolloid dressing
  34. rx for large vsd?
    when do you do sx/?
    • ace inhibitors
    • diuretics
    • digoxin

    when medical therapy fails and the vsd doesnt close over time
  35. a neonate with mi?
    anamoloug origin of left coronary artery from pulmonary artery
  36. when do you give albumin
    large volume paracentesis--5L
  37. cause of febrile transfusion rx?
    • 1- hla antigen antibody
    • 2-abo
    • 3- rh or kidd
    • 4--iga deficiency
    • 5- plasma proteins in donor blood
  38. how long after an epidural catherer is withdrawn should LMWH be restarted? and why?
    2 hours after to prevent an epidural hematoma
  39. rx for acute mesenteric ischemia
    • heparin
    • antibiotics
    • angiogram
    • ng tube decompression
  40. hla matching is more important for which transplants?
    pancreas and kidney
  41. immunosuppresant for lupus nephritis?
  42. what kind of organ rejection manifests itself as a maculopapular rash, diarhea, ?
    graft vs host disease
  43. clean contaminated wounds
    • gi
    • respiratory
    • vagina
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