English: Final Exam

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  1. What was the main idea of Fantopsias?
    • Once you die you become a part of nature
    • (eternal)
  2. What was Edgar Allan Poe's most famous poem?
    The raven
  3. What did Nathaniel Hawthorne write?
    The Scarlett Letter
  4. Who was the father of the Fireside Poets?
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  5. Where does the narration change in the Skeleton in Armor?
    Line 17
  6. What was the moral of the Dr. Heidger's Experiment?
    People cannot change
  7. What type of writing did Walt Whitman do?
    Free verse
  8. Why couldn't Thomas Paine use Allusions in his speech?
    He was talking to uneducated soldiers and farmers
  9. Who wrote Aphorisims?
    Ben Franklin
  10. Who wrote "The Life You Save May be your Own"
    Flannery O'connor
  11. Who wrote "My Bondage, My Freedom"
    Fredrick Douglass
  12. What were the 2 main points of "My Bondage, My Freedom"
    • It is unnatural to be slave as it is to be a slave owner
    • Once you become educated you it's hard to turn away from it.
  13. Who was the protagonist in Catch in the Rye
  14. Who wrote Catcher in the Rye?
  15. When did Catcher in the Rye take place?
  16. In The Old Man in the Sea what does he dream of?
  17. In The Old Man in the Sea, what did he call the ocean?
    • Lamare
    • (he always said it was a woman)
  18. In The Scarlett Letter, was Chillingworth seeking revenge?
  19. In The Scarlett Letter, did Hester always feel bitter towards Pearl?
  20. Who wrote "Story of an Hour"
    Kate Chopin
  21. Who wrote "Where is Here"
    Joyce Chopin
  22. Who wrote "The Lottery"
    Shirley Jackson
  23. What did Washington Irving write?
    Devil and Tom Walker
  24. What did Edith Wharton write?
    April Showers
  25. Who wrote Old Iron Sides?
    Oliver Wendell Holmes
  26. Who wrote Thanatopsis?
    William Cullen Bryant
  27. Who wrote Snowbound?
    John Greenleaf Wittier
  28. What did Ralph Waldo Emerson write?
    • Nature
    • Self Reliance
  29. Believed that human senses can know only physical reality
  30. Who wrote A Growing Nation?
  31. What was Walt Whitman's nickname?
    The Bard of Democracy
  32. Poetry that has irregular meter and line length
    Free verse
  33. What is the theme of the Old Man in the Sea?
    A man can be defeated, but not destroyed
  34. A concise statement expressing a universly accepted truth
  35. He could use Allusions because he had a very well educated audience
    Patrick Henry
  36. What did Abraham Lincoln write?
    The Gettysburg Address
  37. How much is Four Score and 7 years ago?
    87 years
  38. What did Emily Dickinson write?
  39. What did William Bradford write?
  40. What did Stephen Crane write?
    The Red Badge of Courage
  41. What did Ambrose Bierce write?
    An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
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