US History 2013 Final

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  1. Buying stocks on ________ was one of the causes
    of the stock market crash of 1929.
  2. Most economists agree that a
    key cause of the ____________ was overproduction and speculation.
    Great Depression
  3. To fight the Depression, ____________ believed
    the first thing to do was to restore confidence in the banks.
    FDR Roosevelt
  4. The ___________ changed American political
    thinking because it was based on the principle that the federal government
    should attempt to solve social and economic problems.
    New Deal
  5. All of the following were
    provisions of the ________________

    -Unemployment insurance
    -Pension for retired workers
    -Aid to the handicapped
    Social Security Acts
  6. The ___________________ of
    the 1930s reflect the efforts of Congress to avoid foreign policy mistakes that
    led to the country into Word War I.
    Neutrality Acts
  7. During World War II, _______
    and ___________ made economic gains mainly because a shortage of traditional
    labor created new opportunities in the workplace.
    Women, Minorities
  8. The main purpose of the ____________________
    was to support those nations fighting Axis aggression.
    Lend-Lease Act
  9. Women played a major role on the ______________
    during World War II by taking jobs in the defense industry.
    Home Front
  10. The United States
    became involved in World War II primarily because the Japanese attack on
    Pearl Harbor
  11. During World War II, the need of the United States
    for more war materials resulted in the ______________ of some consumer goods.
  12. President Truman’s decision to the drop the
    atomic bomb on ________ was based on saving American lives by ending the war
  13. President Abraham Lincoln’s
    suspension of habeas corpus and FDR’s executive order forcing Japanese
    Americans into internment camps both demonstrate __________________ can be
    limited during times of war.
    Constitutional Rights
  14. The _______________ held at
    the conclusion of WWII added to international law by establishing that high
    officials and individuals are responsible for their wartime actions.
    Nuremburg Trials
  15. In the years immediately
    following WWII, the U.S.
    foreign policy was primarily focused on containing the spread of _____________.
  16. President Truman changed the United States military after World
    War II by banning racial _____________ in the military.
  17. The primary purpose of the creation of the
    ______________ was to promote peace through international agreements
    United Nations
  18. One result of the ____________ was that millions
    of veterans received a college education.
    G.I. Bill
  19. __________ and ____________ attracted public
    attention by investigating allegations of communist influences in government.
    Senator McCarthy, HUAC
  20. The ___________ was used to rebuild
    European nations after WWII.
    Marshall plan
  21. The ____________ after WWII
    led directly to an increased demand for housing.
    Baby Boom
  22. The United States
    committed to a Cold War policy of mutual defense when it joined _________.
  23. The major reason the United States became involved in
    the Korean War was the threat of communism spreading throughout _______.
    East Asia
  24. All of the following
    contributed to a more conforming __________ during the 1950s

    -Television programming
    -Building of the Interstate Highway System
    -Growth of suburbs
  25. The _____________________ limited union powers.
    Taft-Hartley Act
  26. The Hungarian upraising of 1956, the U-2
    incident, and the Cuban missile crisis led to increased tensions between the United States
    and the ________________.
    Soviet Union
  27. The ___________ missile crisis was effectively
    ended when the Soviet Union agreed to withdraw weapons from Cuba.
  28. President Eisenhower sent federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas,
    in 1957 to enforce school _______________.
  29. During the 1950s, the main
    goal of the _____________ movement was to eliminate legal segregation from
    American life.
    Civil Rights
  30. The United States ______________ under
    Chief Justice Earl Warren (1953-1969) made several landmark decisions that
    increased the rights of individuals.
    Supreme Court
  31. All of the following are
    facts of __________death

    -He was succeeded by Lyndon Johnson his Vice President
    -It happen in Dallas, Texas, on Friday, November 22, 1963
    -It came almost 1,000 days of his presidency
    JFK's Kennedy
  32. The decade of the _______ was
    characterized by all of following

    -Protest against
    the war in Vietnam
    -Youth rebellion
    in politics and music, and in dress and appearance
    -Great strides in
    civil rights for minorities
  33. Escalation of the war in _________ began with
    passage of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.
  34. These Headlines refer to the

    -“Security Council Approves Use of Force Against Communist
    -“President Truman Fires General MacArthur”
    -“Armistice Divides Nation at 38th Parallel”
    Korean War
  35. The _________________ abolished the national
    orginis quota system.
    Immigration Act of 1965
  36. The North Vietnamese ____________________ was
    significant turning point in the Vietnam War because the American public became
    convinced the war was unwinnable.
    Tet Offensive
  37. _______________ book, The Feminine Mystique, argued that many
    women could not have fulfilling lives if limited to a traditional role in the
    Betty Freidan
  38. A main goal of President
    _______________ policy of détente was to reduce tensions between the United
    States and the Soviet Union.
  39. The 1973 ___________________
    required the president to report to Congress any commitment of American troops.
    War Powers Act
  40. President Nixon’s policy of
    “__________________” of the war in Vietnam called for gradual withdrawal of all
    American armed forces from Vietnam.
  41. One of President ____________
    high priorities in international affairs was attending to human rights violations
    around the world.
  42. The 1978 settlement between
    Egypt and Isreal resulted in the first peace between Arab nations and Isreal.
    This settlement was called ___________________.
    Camp David Accords
  43. President Reagan used supply-side economics or
    “_______________” to guide his economic program because he believed the
    following scenario would occur: lower taxes, increase consumer spending,
    balance the budget.
  44. President ________________ new “Star Wars”
    program altered the decades long trend in thinking about nuclear weapons
    because it emphasized defense against a nuclear attack as the most effective
    form of nuclear capability.
    Ronald Reagan's
  45. To President Reagan, “the focus of the evil in
    the modern world” was the ______________.
    Soviet Union
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