Settlement in Canada

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  1. Who were the first foreign settlers of Canada?
    The Vikings in the 11th century
  2. Where did the Vikings settle?
    Northern Newfoundland, calling it Vinland.
  3. Who was John Cabot?
    Only the first settler of Canada. He was an Italian explorer working for the English.  In 1497, he found Newfoundland.
  4. Who was Giovanni Verrazano?
    He discovered in 1524 that North America is a continent, not an archipelago. This ended French interest for 15 years.
  5. Who was Jacques Cartier?
    A French explorer looking for the Northwest passage. He found P.E.I. and New Brunswick.
  6. Who were Taignoagny and Domagaya?
    They were the sons of the local Iroquois chief. They were kidnapped by Cartier and taken back to France. They became guides for Cartier when he explored the St. Lawrence river.
  7. Why did Cartier sail through the St. Lawrence? What was the outcome?
    He was looking to find Asia. He realized that there was no Northwest Passage.
  8. What did Cartier do after he discovered there was no Northwest passage?
    He wintered in Stattacona and they almost died from scurvy. After the winter, he kidnapped Donnacona the chief and and nine other Iroquois. He took him back to France to convince the king that their was an economic future in North America.
  9. Who was Sieur de Robervale?
    A nobleman who was authorized to establish a French colony in North America in 1542.
  10. Who is Samuel de Champlain?
    A soldier and navigator. In 1605, Champlain set up Port Royal in Nova Scotia; a French settlement of 60. Port Royal was unsuccessful.
  11. Where did Champlain put his settlement?
    Champlain set up his colony in what is now Quebec City.
  12. Who did Champlain ally with?
    The Algonkians and the Montagnais.
  13. Who did Champlain have a fur-trading alliance with?
    The Hurons.
  14. How did the Hurons affect the fur trade?
    They had prime location for fur trading. They were able to get Champlain the much sought-after Castor Gras D'Hievre.
  15. Who were the Coureurs du Bois?
    They were French fur traders who Champlain sent into native villages in order to promote trade.
  16. Describe Champlain's troubles in Quebec
    After teaming up with the Huron nation for fur trading, the Algonkians and the Montagnais were concerned and turned against him. Furthermore, the natives became annoyed at the Christian missionaries who came. Later, the Algonkians, guiding an English troop, attacked Champlain's settlement in Quebec and the Algonkians.
  17. What was the company of 100 associates?
    They were a new  group interested in trading and settlement, backed by Cardinal Richelieu. They rebuilt CHamplain's settlement in Quebec. In 1660, they lost their fur trade monopoly and the company fell into bankruptcy.
  18. How was fish preserved?
    Salting and drying
  19. Define Seignueries
    feudal-like states
  20. Define charter
    A document setting out terms of existence.
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