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  1. To be a pain in the neck;
    To be very annoying
  2. to be all ears;
    to listen very attentively
  3. to be all fingers and thumbs
    ;to be very clumsy
  4. to be all skin and bones;
    to be very skinny
  5. to be down in the mouth;
    to feel sad depressed
  6. to be rushed off one's feet
    ;to have a lot of work
  7. to bite one's tongue;
    to try stop yourself from saying something you might regret
  8. to bite a person's head off
    ;to snap at someone
  9. to give someone a piece of one's mind;
    to tell somebody off say angrily what you really think
  10. to give someone a cold shoulder;to ignore somebody
    to ignore somebody
  11. to have a lump in one's throat;
    to be very emotional on the verge of tears
  12. to have one's back to the wall;
    to have no way out
  13. to have one's hart in one's mouth;
    to express your thoughts and feelings
  14. to make one's blood boil;
    to make somebody furious
  15. to turn a blind eye to something
    to pretend you don't notice something bad,wrong or illegal
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