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  1. Temples
    De slapen
  2. Earlobes
  3. Gum
  4. Palate
  5. Abdomen
  6. Calf
  7. Shin
  8. Oesophagus
  9. Small intestine
    Dunne darm
  10. Large intestine
    Dikke darm
  11. Veins
  12. Artery
  13. Blood vessel
  14. Allergy
  15. Concussion
  16. Heart attack
  17. Nausea
  18. Anaemia
  19. Fever
  20. Indigestion
  21. Rheumatism
  22. Asthma
  23. Influenza, the flu
    De griep
  24. Insomnia
  25. Stroke
    Een beroerte
  26. Chill
    Een verkoudheid
  27. Food poisoning
  28. Measles
  29. Nervous breakdown
    Een zenuwinzinking
  30. A midwife
    Een vroedvrouw
  31. A chiropractor
    Een kraker
  32. A physiotherapist
  33. A surgeon
    Een chirurg
  34. A casualty
    Een slachtoffer
  35. An optician
    Een opticien
  36. A pathologist
    Een lijkschouwer
  37. A psychiatrist
    Een psychiater
  38. A chiropodist
    Een podoloog
  39. A GP (general practitioner)
    Een huisarts
  40. A home help
  41. A pharmacist
    Een apotheker
  42. A matron ( a head nurse)
    Een hoofdverpleger
  43. A consultant
    Een adviserend geneesheer
  44. An out-patient
    Een poliklinisch pati‰nt
  45. A nurse
    Een verpleegster
  46. A district nurse
  47. Paediatrician
    Pediater, een kinderarts
  48. Hay fever
  49. A miscarriage
    Een miskraam
  50. Dyslexia
  51. Cancer
  52. Pneumonia
  53. A cold
    Een verkoudheid
  54. An inflammation
    Een ontsteking
  55. Amnesia
  56. Cramp
    Een kramp
  57. Epilepsy
  58. Malnutrition
  59. Arachnophobia
  60. To have a relapse
  61. To recuperate
  62. To treat
  63. To diagnose
  64. To ache
    Pijn hebben, pijn doen
  65. To suffer from
    Leiden aan
  66. To infect
  67. To choke
    Verstikken (in iets)
  68. To x-ray
  69. To lose consciousness
    Het bewustzijn verliezen
  70. To disinfect
  71. To swell up
  72. To faint
  73. To blister
    Blaren krijgen
  74. To injure
    Gewond raken
  75. To vaccinate
  76. To fracture
  77. To bruise
  78. To maim
  79. To heal
  80. To contaminate
  81. To suffocate
    Stikken (te weinig zuurstof)
  82. To sterilize
  83. To thrust
    To force
  84. Fame
  85. Respect
  86. Great respect and admiration
  87. Cruelty
  88. To worship
    To adore
  89. To examine
    To scrutinize
  90. To ruin
    To destroy
  91. Compassion, sympathy
  92. Guilt
  93. To suppose
    To assume
  94. Exactly
  95. Result
  96. Mainly
  97. To consider
    To deem
  98. Belief
  99. Killer
  100. To kill
    To assassinate
  101. To succeed
    Do achievea
  102. To find fault
    To criticize
  103. To admit
    To confess
  104. Astonishing
    To amaze
  105. To control
    To curb
  106. To recognize
  107. Recognize
  108. Believe
  109. Can
  110. Solve
    To sort out
  111. To try
    An attempt
  112. Unsuccessful
    Ended in failure
  113. Not allowed
    Not permitted
  114. Finding fault
  115. Fortunate
  116. Obligated
    Have to
  117. Deliberately
    On purpose
  118. To slap
    To smack
  119. Real
    Inventing, fabricate
  120. Admirable
    Disrespect, contempt
  121. To love
    Dislike, loath, abhor, hate
  122. Successful
    Mess, disaster, failure
  123. Genuine
    Fake, reproduction
  124. To relax
    To stress
  125. To not recognise
  126. Straight
  127. Tame, domesticated
  128. Accidentally
    On purpose, deliberated
  129. Plain
    Rich (food)
  130. Pale
  131. Vain attempt
  132. Vain person
    Modest, humble
  133. Calm sea
  134. Calm person
    Excitable, temperamental
  135. Stiff breeze
  136. Stiff punishment
  137. Moderate amount
  138. Moderate politics
  139. Distant relationship
  140. Distant memory
  141. Flat countryside
    Hilly, mountainous
  142. Flat road
  143. Clear sky
  144. Clear conscience
  145. Admiring
  146. Afraid
  147. Anxious
  148. Committed
  149. Deceitful
  150. Disloyal
  151. Grateful
  152. Infatuated
  153. Romantic
  154. Astonished
  155. Devoted
  156. Faithful
  157. Indignant
  158. Proud
  159. Suspicious
  160. Newspeak
    • Language used by politicians and government officials which is intentionally difficult to understand.
    • therefore likely to confuse or deceive people
  161. Newspeak
    • A fictional language in George Orwell's novel nineteen Eighty-four. it's based on English but is reduced
    • and simplified
  162. Old speak
    The newspeak term for the English language
  163. A row
    A fight, dispute, a quarrel
  164. To axe
    To reduce, to dismiss
  165. A bid to break even
    An attempt to stop making losses
  166. OAPs
    Old age pensioners
  167. Measly
  168. Hubby
  169. Missus
  170. A probe
    An investigation
  171. A swoop
    A sudden movement in an attempt to catch something, a short sudden attack
  172. A drug haul
    Amount of drugs found during a police action
  173. PC
    Police constable
  174. A bank raid
    A bank robbery
  175. Bogus
    False, fake
  176. To con
    To cheat after first winning someone's trust, to swindle
  177. Havoc
    confusion, lack of order and trouble
  178. Hols
  179. Political affiliations
    It has connection with a political party
  180. Dailies
    A paper that appears every day
  181. Feature sections
    Other sections in the paper (travel, sport, economy ,..)
  182. Coverage
    What is written
  183. The gutter , rag
    • A disapproving word for newspapers and magazines more interested in crime and sex than serious
    • news. A sensational paper, low quality (commercieel en slecht)
  184. A journal
    An academic magazine
  185. A glossy
    Expensive magazine on good quality paper
  186. Supplement
    An addition, a magazine which comes out once a week with a newspaper
  187. Tabloids
    A small size newspaper, usually short articles and lots of pictures (= the popular press)
  188. Broadsheets
    Longer articles, more serious (= the quality press)
  189. Editorial, leader
    Gives personal opinion to news
  190. The letters page
  191. Classified ads
    Small advertisements in a newspaper from people who want to buy or sell something
  192. Editor
    The person in control of the daily production
  193. A freelance journalist
    A self-employed journalist, who sells their articles
  194. Critic
    Someone who writes reviews
  195. Sub-editor
    The person who lays out and adds headlines to newspaper pages
  196. Cityeditor
    The person responsible for financial news (only in London, otherways 'finance editor')
  197. Pressure group
    • a group of people who work together to try to influence what other people or the government think
    • about a particular subject, in order to achieve the things they want
  198. Press conference
    a meeting at which a person or organization makes a public statement and reporters can ask questions
  199. A sound bite
    a short sentence or phrase that is easy to remember
  200. News agency
    an organization that supplies reports to newspapers, magazines, and television and radio companies
  201. Muck-raking
    • the activity, especially by newspapers and reporters, of trying to find out unpleasant information
    • about people or organizations in order to make it public
  202. Hot off press
    A very new story
  203. An exclusive
    A story that is only found in one newspaper
  204. A scoop
    News that is discovered and published by one newspaper before all others
  205. To hit the headlines
    The moment when the story is published
  206. The story breaks
    The story becomes public knowledge
  207. Coverage
    Space in the press
  208. Taken to court for libel= defamation of character
    When a newspaper publishes an untrue story that harms someone's reputation
  209. A blow
    An unexpected shock, a hard hit
  210. A bid
    An attempt
  211. A ban
    A prohibition
  212. The press
    Newspaper and magazines or the people publishing them
  213. A magazine
    A periodical published every week or month, with articles and pictures
  214. Circulation
    The number of copies sold
  215. The editorial
    An article in a newspaper expressing the editor's opinion
  216. To edit
    To prepare text by correcting, revising and adapting
  217. A foreign correspondent
    someone who reports news for newspapers, radio, television from another country
  218. Press release
    An official piece of information that is given to newspapers etc
  219. A source
    Someone who gives information to the police, newspaper etc
  220. To produce copy
    To write material suitable to be published
  221. To go to press
    To be printed
  222. Outcome
    The final result of an election or negotiations
  223. Outlook
    What is expected to happen
  224. Outlet
    A shop or company trough which product are sold
  225. Take over
    Getting control of a company by buying most of its shares
  226. Downfall
    Failure or ruin following success
  227. Downpour
    A lot of rain that falls fast and heavily
  228. Breakthrough
    New and successful development
  229. Backup
    Something used for support if the main one fails
  230. Shake-up
    A situation in which a lot of changes are made
  231. Set-up
    A way of arranging something
  232. A lookout
    A person who watches for danger; a high place where a person can look around them
  233. A slip-up
    A mistage or something which goes wrong
  234. A write-off
    A vehicle that is damaged so badly in an accident that it cannot be repaired
  235. A setback
    A problem that makes something happen later or more slow than it should
  236. An offshoot
    Something which has developed from something larger which already existed
  237. A drawback
    A disadvantage or negative part of a situation
  238. An outbreak
    • A time when something suddenly bigins, especially a disease or something else dangerous or
    • unpleasant
  239. A comeback
    A successful attempt to get power, importance or fame again after a period of having lost it
  240. A hold-up
    When someone steals from someone else using violence or the threat of violence (infor: a delay)
  241. A backlash
    A strong feeling among a group of people on reaction to a change or recent events in society of politics
  242. A showdown
    An important argument which is intended to end a disagreement that has existed for a long time
  243. An outburst
    A sudden forceful expression of emotion, especially anger
  244. Upkeep
    The cost or process of keeping something, such as a building, in good condition
  245. An upturn
    An improvement or a change to a higher level or value
  246. A knock-out
    In boxing, the act of hitting the other fighter, a person or thing that looks extremely sttractive
  247. Tickle
    To touch someone lightly with your fingers, in order to make them laugh
  248. Pinch
    To press someone's skin tightly between your fingers, sometimes causing pain
  249. Shove
    To push someone in a rough way
  250. To thumb
    To hit someone with your fist
  251. To rub
    To press your hand or a cloth on a surface and move it backwards and forwards
  252. Scratch
    To rub your skin with your nails, often to stop it itching
  253. To munch
    To eat something in a noisy way
  254. to slap, to smack
    To hit someone with the flat, inside part of your hand
  255. To frisk
    To move your hands over someone's body to discover if they are hiding anything like a weapon
  256. To nudge
    To gently push someone or something
  257. A grin
    To smile a big smile
  258. To wink
    To quickly close and open one eye in order to be friendly or to show that something is a joke
  259. To pet
    To touch a person or animal with a flat hand in a gentle friendly way
  260. To hug
    To put your arms around someone and hold them tightly usually because you love them
  261. To stroke
    To gently move your hand over a surface
  262. To squeeze
    To press something firmly
  263. To spit
    To force out the liquid in your mouth
  264. To sniff
    To breath air in tough your nose in a way that makes noise
  265. To clap
    To hit your hands together, often repeatedly
  266. I tend to have
    I usually have
  267. Average
    Normal, regular
  268. Feature
    To be a part of
  269. Aerobically
    Exercise increasing your heart rate and strengthening your heart and lungs
  270. Proper
    Correct, good, real, up to a certain standard
  271. To cultivate
    Give care, thought and time to something in order to develop it
  272. Adequate
    Enough, sufficient
  273. Currently
    At the moment
  274. Executive
    Of a decision making level
  275. Fund-raising
    Raise money for a good cause
  276. To negotiate
    To try to make or change an agreement by discussion
  277. Keenly
    Very much
  278. To require
    To ask for
  279. Competitive
    Wanting to win or be successful
  280. Leisure
    Free time
  281. Anxious
    Worried and nervous
  282. Mundane
    Very ordinary and therefore not interesting
  283. Distinct
    Clearly noticeable
  284. To astound
    To surprise or chock someone very much
  285. Down-to-earth
    Practical, reasonable and friendly
  286. Unconventional
    Different from what is usual or from the way most people do it
  287. To mend
    To repair something that is broken or damaged
  288. A lack of
    Something that is not available or that is not enough of
  289. To land a job
    To get a job
  290. A graduate
    Someone who has finished higher education
  291. Prized
    A good job, with a lot of oppertunities, an appreciated job
  292. Soaring
    A lot
  293. To raise the stakes
    Have made it more difficult
  294. Staff
    The people who work for a company
  295. Accomplishments
    Things you have achieved
  296. Confident
    Showing that you feel sure about yourself and your abilities
  297. Brief, specific, to the point, concise
    Giving a lot of information clearly in a few words
  298. Turn-offs
    Things which give a bad impression
  299. Candidate, interviewee, applicant
    Someone trying to get a job
  300. Rigorous
    Carful to look at or consider every part of something to make sure it is correct or safe
  301. To have shivers down the spine
    To feel nervous or frightened
  302. Genuinely
    Really, truly
  303. Competitors
    Companies in the same line of business
  304. Benefits
    An advantage, something extra
  305. Policy
    • A set of ideas or a plan of what to do that has been agreed by a business and rules about polite an
    • correct behaviour
  306. Issues
    Topics, subjects
  307. Commonly
    Often, usualy
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