Vocab 21

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  1. Kudos
    • The prestige or acclaim that results from some noteworthy achievement or position.
    • S: Glory, honor, acclamation, credit, recognition, renown;accolade, plaudit.
    • A: odium, opprobrium, obloquy, contempt, disdain
  2. Lackadiasical
    • sorely lacking in spirits, energy or purpose
    • S:lethargic,listless, sluggish, torpid, indolent, lazy, supine, slothful;blase, nonchalant, indifferent; perfunctory
    • A: energetic, vigorous, dynamic, spirited, animated
    • P: devil-may-care attitude, faineant administration, drone
  3. Legacy
    • Something left to a person in a will; something handed down from the past.
    • s: bequest, inheritance, endowment; present, gift
    • P:family heirloom,hand-me-down
  4. Liablitity
    • A)debt or obligation, especially of a financial nature
    • B)hindrance or handicap
    • s: indebtedness,debit, minus; disadvantage, drawback, obstacle
    • A:asset,plus,advantage
    • P:have an albatross around one's neck,have a cross to bear, have a millstone around one's neck, a stumbling block
  5. Libel
    • a) a public statement or picture that damages a person b falsely imposing his or her character, motives, or actions or by unjustly exposing the person to public censure or ridicule
    • b)to slander publicly
    • s:calumny,slander;defame,traduce,bad mouth
    • a:whitewash, gloss over,coverup
    • P: hurl a brick at, do a hatchet job on, drag someone's name through the mud; defamation of character; character assassination;muckraker(whistle blower).
  6. Litigation
    • Legal action; a lawsuit
    • S:legal proceedings
    • P: initiate legal proceedings against, bring an action against, file suit against, press charges against, go to court over, bring to book
    • U.Note: A) litigation refers to civil nor criminal
    • B)Litigious: given to engaging in lawsuits or quarrelsome, pugnacious
  7. Lucid
    • Clear and intelligible to the understanding; mentally competent
    • S: crystal clear, understandable, comprehensible; sane, rational
    • A: unintelligible, confused, puzzling; ambiguous, equivocal; mad, insane, irrational
    • P: (non) compos mentis
  8. Lucrative
    • Profitable
    • S: gainful., remunerative  rewarding, worthwhile; productive, fruitful, advantageous
    • A: unprofitable unrewarding, remuneration unproductive, barren
    • P: the profit motive
  9. Lurk
    • to sneak; to lie hidden or in wait
    • S:skulk, prowl, slink, loiter
    • P:a prowler, stalking horse
  10. Lush
    • A:luxuriant,plentiful; luxurious,opulent
    • B: Overelaborate or overripe
    • S:dense,thriving, flourishing, profuse, lavish,prodigal,extravagant; ornate, sumptuous
    • A:simple, restrained,spartan;bleak,barren
  11. Malapropism
    • An unconscious and usually ludicrous misuse of a word
    • S: flub, gaffe,solecism
    • P: play on words, pun, an Irish bull, spoonerism
  12. Malice
    • a desire to cause harm or suffering; deep-seated ill will
    • S: malevolence,spite,rancor,animosity, vindictiveness, malignity,enmity, resentment
    • A: benevolence, beneficence, goodwill, generosity,charity,magnanimity
  13. Mammoth
    • A)an extinct form of elephant; a giant or colossus
    • B) Gigantic
    • S:mastodon,behemoth;colossal,titanic,vast, gargantuan, enormous, monstrous, prodigious, stupendous
    • A:minute, minuscule,diminutive, Lilliputian, microscopic, tiny
  14. Mandatory
    • required, obligatory
    • S: compulsory, requisite; imperative
    • A: optional, discretionary,voluntary
    • P: de rigueur, elective course
    • U. Note: A) mandate- authority that voters have presumable given to public officials by electing them
  15. Medium
    • The means by which some goal is achieved or the person through whom it is realized
    • S: agency, channel,vehicle
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