DIT day 6

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  1. rx for acute exacerbation of a specific phobia?
  2. indication for ect?
    • refractory depression
    • depression in pregnancy
    • refractory mania
    • catatonic schizo
  3. rx for post herpetic neuralgia?
    tca along with acute antiretroviral therapy
  4. volkam's contracture occurs with fracture of what?
    supracondylar of humerus--impeding brachial artery
  5. on core biopsy, how does fat necrosis of breast present/
    fat globules and foamy histiocytes(macrophages)
  6. cause of a brain abscess secondary to sinusitis with no predisposing conditions?
  7. initial test in work up of infertility of couple?
    semen analysis
  8. most common complication of biliroth gastrojejunostomy ?
    bacterial overgrowth leading to malabsorption
  9. when do you get a short bowel syndrome?
    after bowel resection in crohns
  10. normal pupil size
    2mm to 5 mm
  11. what does caustic ingestion do to saliva ?
    pt is not swallowing the saliva
  12. almond scented breath odor?
    cyanide toxicity
  13. pulmonary inflitrate in a patient on chemotherapy?
  14. morton neuroma vs stress fracture of the metatarsal?
    stress fracture--pain on palpation of the metatarsal bone

    morton neuroma--pain between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal
  15. tarsal tunnel syndrome?
    • compression of tibial nerveĀ 
    • numbness, tingling of the foot going up to the calf
  16. when is plantar fascitis pain worse?
    with walking
  17. rx for amebic liver absecc?
  18. tamoxifen or raloxifen increases the chanceof endometrial cnacer?
  19. contraindicaton to tamoxifen or raloxifen/?
    dvt history
  20. autoantibodies in dermatomyositis?
    • anit- jo
    • anti-mi-2
  21. how to differentiate between liver and heart associated edema?
    hepatojugular reflex is seen with heart associated edema
  22. rx for mild acne?
    mild to moderate?
    moderate to severe
    • topical retinoids
    • topical retinoids + topical abx
    • oral abx
    • oral retinoids
  23. ingestio of what plant can cause high aldosterone?
  24. which vaccines can hiv patients with cd4 above 200 and no evidence of immunity get?
    • mmr
    • varicella
    • zoster
  25. what happens in volkmans contracture?
    dead muscle has been replaced with fibrous tissue
  26. hypertrophic osteoarthropathy?
    secondary to what?
    clubbing of fingernails and arthritis of writst

    lung conditions like neoplasm, tb, emphysema
  27. hemochromatosis affects what joints?
  28. what causes symmetic IUGR?
    torch infections

    chromosomal abnormalitties
  29. rx for chronic sinusitis?
    steroids + abx
  30. most common cause of bronchitis in pts with no other problems?
  31. who gets pneumovax vaccine?
    • >65
    • immunosuppressed and smokers
  32. how many drugs do you use for pseudomonas?
    at least 2---beta lactam + aminoglycosides
  33. when is bacterial sinusitis diagnosed?
    >7 days
  34. dx of tb?
    • sputum stain x 3
    • culture
    • balhow
  35. how long does vit b12 last in the body?
    5 years
  36. rx for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
    • steroids
    • n acytel cysteine
    • azathioprine
  37. what pneumoconiosis increase lung ca?
    • radon
    • berrylium
  38. what serum markers are seen with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis?
    • sp-a
    • sp-b
    • mcp 1
    • kl-6
  39. acanthosis nigricans?
    velvety patches on neck, groin, armpit
  40. rx for pulmonary htn
    • oxygen
    • heparin
    • vasodilators
    • diretics
  41. what can cause both exudate and transudate in lung?
    • pe
    • tb
  42. what is pleurodesis?
    scaring of pleural linings
  43. respiratory stimulant? for sleep apnea?
    • theophylline
    • acetazolamide
  44. components of intubation?
    • lidocaine
    • atropine
    • fentanyl
    • paralysis
  45. steroids are given for croup or bronchiolitis?
  46. what is the differnece between croup and bronchiolitis rx?
    • bronchiolitis rx-- is epi/albuterol
    • croup--- epi + steroids
  47. way to determine lung maturity?
    • l/s ratio
    • phophatidyglycerol
  48. ttn vs nrsd?
    • ttn--increased lung volumes, flattening of hte diaphragm
    • nrsd--low lung volumes, interstitial inflitrates
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