Vocab 22

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  1. Mercenary
    • A)A hireling, esp a hired professional soldier
    • B)Motivated solely for a desire for material gain
    • S: hired hand, freelancer, soldier of fortune, condottiere;greedy, avaricious, acquisitive, grasping, rapacious
    • A: altruistic, disinterested
  2. Moot
    • A)debatable and therefore unresolved
    • B)to bring up for discussion
    • S: arguable, disputable; questionable, doubtful; broach,raise,pose, put forward
    • A: incontrovertible, indisputable, irrefutable
    • P: Gordian Knot, foregone conclusion
    • U.Note: moot court-mock court
  3. Morass
    • a swamp or bog; a confused or degrading situation that is difficult to get out of
    • S: marsh, fen , quagmire
  4. Motley
    • A) kind of multicolored cloth, a garment made form this cloth esp court jester
    • B) multicolored; diverse or varied
    • S: polychrome, polychromatic  piebald; variegated  heterogeneous, miscellaneious.
    • A: monochrome, monochromatic; monolithic, homogeneous, uniform
    • P: pluralistic society, diversified economy, checkered career
  5. Mundane
    • Worldly(opposed to spiritual); humdrum or everyday
    • S: earthly, terrestrial; secular, temporal  material, physical; ordinary, prosaic, routine, commonplace,banal
    • A: celestial, heavenly,cosmic; unworldly, spiritual; metaphysical, transcendental  extraordinary, unique.
    • P: worldy goods, worldy wisdom; a man of the world
  6. Myriad
    • Countless, innumerable
    • S: multitudinous, multifarious, manifold, infinite
    • A: finite, limited
  7. Narcissistic
    • Dominated by an excess love or admiration of oneself
    • S: egoistic, egomanical, self-centered, conceited, vain
    • A: self-deprecating,self-critical self-destructive
    • P: amour propre
  8. Nebulous
    • Hazy, vague,or indistinct
    • S: amorphorous, opaque, shapeless, fuzzy, indefinite
    • A: clear, distinct, well-defined, unambigous
  9. Negligible
    • Too small to be significant
    • S: insignificant, inconsequential, trivial, piddling, trifling, nugatory
    • A: significant, considerable; telling  meaningful;critical, crucial, pivotal
    • P: small potatoes, trivia
  10. Nepotim
    • unwarranted favoritism shown to relatives or friends by someone in high office
    • S: partisanship, bias, partiality, patronage
    • P: client state, spoils system; merit system
  11. Nomadic
    • wandering, roving
    • S: itinerant, migratory, peripatetic
    • A: settled, fixed, stationary
    • P: footloose and fancy-free; fly-by-night operation, roving reporter, Peripatetic philosopher, migrant farmworker; wanderlust
  12. Nominal
    • A)Existing in name only
    • B) Insignificantly small
    • S:titular; token, symbolic; trifling, inconsequential
    • A:real, actual; exorbitant, excessive.
  13. Nostalgia
    • A longing to return to a sentimentalized past; homesickness
    • S: yearning, pining, hankering; wistfulness  sadness, sentimentality, sorrow, regret; lonesomeness.
  14. Novice
    • A) a person who has just entered a religious order on a probationary basis
    • B) a beginner of any kind
    • S: postulant, neophyte, tyro, fledgling, trainee, rookie, probationer, greenhorn, tenderfoot
    • A: expert, pro, veteran, old hand, past master, virtuoso
    • P: still wet behind the ear; a babe in the woods, freshman senator,black belt in karate
  15. Nuance
    • a slight or subtle variation i meaning, expression, tone, feeling, color,or the like
    • S: subtlety, nicety, overtone, gradation, refinement, delicacy
    • P: fine point; read b/w the lines, read the small print
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