Vocab 23

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  1. Obscene
    • offensive to accepted standards of decency; repulsive
    • S: indecent, lewd,, salacious, smutty, bawdy, scatological  pornographic;risque,suggestive; vulgar, crude, coarse; disgusting, abominable, reprehensible, loathsome
    • A:decent, refined, modest; laudable, meritorious
    • P:X-rated film, pff-colored joke
  2. Obsequious
    • Excessively submissive to another person's wishes or ideas, often for purely self-interested reason
    • S: servile, fawning, subservient, groveling, mealymouth, sycophantic,unctuous, compliant, deferential
    • A:independent; frank, candid, outspoken; self-assertive, aggressive, bumptious
    • P: yes-man,rubberstamp; toe the line, knuckle under to
  3. Obsession
    • an irrational preoccupation with an idea or feeling that usually results in sever anxiety
    • S:compulsion, fixation, mania, phobia, hang-up
    • P: an idee-fixe; have a one-track mind; have a bee n one's bonnet, have an ax to grind, ride a hobbyhorse,; a perfectionist, a monomaniac, paranoiac,megalomaniac, compulsive gambler
  4. Obsolete
    • No longer in use;outmoded
    • S:old-fashioned, antiquated, dated, out-of-date, passe, old hat, superannuate; archaic, defunct, extinct
    • A:up-to-date,new,novel,fresh,newfangled, avant garde, ultramodern
  5. Officious
    meddlesome, intrusive prying,nosy,forward, pushy, bossy, importunate
  6. Ominous
    • foreshadowing evil;menacing or threatening
    • S: portentous, ill-omened, foreboding,  untoward, unpromising, sinister
    • A: lucky, happy, felicitous, auspicious, propitious
  7. Opportune
    • Suitable, appropriate, or timely
    • S: convenient, seasonable, apt, fitting, propitious,fit, auspicious, advantageous
    • A:inappropriate, untimely,unsuitable,ill timed, inconvenient, inauspicious
    • P:timeserver, take time by the forelock
  8. Ostensible
    • Apparent or professed
    • S:purported, alleged, avowed, nominal, supposed, reputed, evident, manifest
    • A:true,real,actual, authentic,genuine
  9. Ostracize
    • To banish or exclude from a group; to shun
    • S: expel, exile; blacklist,blackball,snub;boycott; bar,repudiate,reject;proscribe,outlaw. pariah (someone avioided)
    • A:accept,welcome,embrace,associate with
  10. Pandemonium
    • S: disorder, chaos,bedlam,turmoil, dun, cacophony, hubbub,hullabaloo, ruckus, racket,rumpus
    • A:order, silence, calm, tranquility, placidity, repose,peace
  11. Paradox
  12. Paraphrase
    • S:reword,rephrase;free rendering,version
    • A: quote,duplicate,reproduce,quotation
  13. Parochial
    • S:local,regional,district;narrow-minded, insular, provincial,hidebound, myopic
    • A: broad-minded,cosmopolitan,liberal
  14. Parody
    S:spoof,takeoff,lampoon,caricature,burlesque, travesty,satire;mock,ridicule
  15. Pensive
    Meditative,reflective, contemplative, introspective sad,melancholy, wistful  heavyhearted  mournfulm doleful
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