Lymphatic system

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  1. What is the function of the lymph node?
    produce lymphocytes
  2. Name 4 major sites of lymph node concentration.
    • cervical
    • axillary
    • inguinal
    • mediastinal
  3. What is lymph?
    colorless fluid, most like interstitial fluid
  4. What does lymph contain?
    lymphocytes, monocytes, h2o, salts and protein
  5. What is ELISA?
    Aids test
  6. What is exaggerated hypersensitive reaction?
  7. What is Mononucleosis?
    acute infectious disease with enlargement of the lymph nodes, caused by epstein-barr virus
  8. What is Elephantiasis
    chronic infectious condition which usually involves the lower extremities and causes lymphedema
  9. What is multiple sclerosis?
    an autoimmune disease where the body's cells are attacked by the immune system
  10. Malignant tumor of lymph tissue
    Hodgkin's disease
  11. Another name for Humoral immunity B cells
  12. How are immunoglobulins secreted?
    by plasma cells in humoral immunity.
  13. What is ELISA?
    a lab test that detect antibodies to HIV
  14. Name 3 attributes of vaccines
    • - Active immunity is possessed
    • - 10 yrs later though exposed you do not contract the disease
    • - Antibodies produce by the memory cells attacks the virus early and prevent the disease
  15. Name 3 functions of the cell-mediated immunity t cells
    • killers
    • suppressors
    • helpers
  16. What is thought to be processed in the thymus gland?
  17. Name 4 parts of the immune system
    • Lymphocytes
    • monocytes
    • antibodies
    • phagocytes
  18. What are macrophages?
    the largest phagocyte in the body
  19. Antiviral proteins secreted by T cells (simulate macrophages to ingest bacteria)
  20. Where are memory cells developed?
    in active immunity
  21. Does lymph contain erythrocytes or platelets?
  22. How does the thoracic duct function?
    • lymph from all other parts of the body enter and drain into the subclavian (left) vein
    • legs or lower extremity's
  23. What does the thymus gland do?
    produce the hormone thymosin
  24. What does thymosin do?
    stimulates red bone marrow to produce T-lymphocytes
  25. What is the largest organ in the lymphatic system?
  26. The liver and bone marrow take over the functions of the ___________ if removed.
  27. What is hypersplenism?
    enlarged spleen
  28. Lymph tissue in the throat is the tonsils in the oropharaynx
    the adenoids in the nasopharynx
  29. Thoracic Duct?
    main collecting channel
  30. What engulfs and digests antigens?
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