psyc 328 final

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  1. What are the 5 areas that impact adolescent achievement?
    • Home and Family
    • Peers
    • School climate
    • culture
    • ethnicity and class
  2. What are the 2 types of mindsets for achievement, and which is the best?
    Fixed and growth mindset. growth is best.
  3. What 5 traits are present in the parents of highly motivated kids?
    • Warmth
    • encouraging
    • fair
    • firm
    • involved
  4. what are the two dichotomous variables in the school climate that impact adolescent achievement?
    Mastery vs Performance goals, or fixed vs. growth mindset
  5. We discussed in class two types of motives. One, the motive to _________, encourages an individual to approach a goal or challenge, while  the motive to _____ _______ is marked by avoidance and excuse making.
    • succeed
    • avoid failure
  6. In Daniel Pink's video on motivation, there were 3 components that encourage people to do their best. They include:
    • Autonomy
    • Mastery
    • Purpose
  7. In a home where failures are viewed as normal occuurrences and opportunities to learn, the motivation is more likely to be ______. This type of motivation also encourages a sense of satisfaction for a job well done regardless of the external rewards.
  8. List 5 chachteristics/behaviors and explain each of a teen with a "capable self".
    • Avoids wasting time on tasks that are too easy
    • Chooses reasonably challenging tasks
    • Judges success and failure in terms of personal progress and mastery
    • seeks tasks relevant to long term goals
    • Experiences positive emotions with success and motivation with failure
  9. Name and explain the 5 approaches to understanding gender development
    • Biological-genetic difference between male and female
    • Socialization- Gender expectations from family and peers
    • Cognitive- Gender consistency (gender will never change) and gender identity (how one identifies self).
    • Integrating Varying- Interaction between biology and enviornment
    • Gender Intensification-The pressure to conform to what is expected
  10. Having a high level of masculinity while also having a high level of femininity is called __________
  11. As adolescents develop a sense of self, they develop greater: ________, ________, __________, and ________.
    • Complexity
    • Differentiation
    • Abstraction
    • Integration
  12. There are two types of self esteem. One, _______, is an individual's general and pretty static sense of self esteem. The other ______ is often seen in adolescents and can change from moment to moment. This is one of the reasons we see such drastic mood variations, moment by moment, in adolescents.
    • Baseline
    • Barometric
  13. The 3 stages of moral development, according to Kohlberg include:
    • Preconventional
    • Conventional
    • postconventional
  14. What are the 4 major areas that adolescents consider when developing friendships?
    • Self disclosure, mutual trust, and warmth
    • Intimacy in friendship
    • shared interests, hobbies, encouragement
    • Entertaining
  15. Research on opposite sex friendship suggests that _____ benefit from opposite sex friendships more that ______ do.
    • boys
    • girls
  16. Two major types of problems adolescents face include
    • externalizing
    • internalizing
  17. What are the 4 risk factors for adolescents and delinquency?
    • Individual charachteristic
    • deviant peers
    • family conflict
    • neighborhoods
  18. Name 3 types of internalizing behaviors displayed by struggling teenagers
    • Eating problems
    • depression
    • suicide
  19. Of the two types of coping strategies, ______-______ coping is the best approach
  20. As we discussed in class, resilience is a _____ not a _____
    • Process
    • trait
  21. Beyond surviving, thriving invludes six major components....
    • Competence
    • Confidence
    • character
    • connection
    • caring
    • contribution
  22. According to Seligman's research, well-being has 3 components that need to be present and balanced.
    • Purpose
    • engagement
    • pleasure
  23. The ______ ______ is a life approach in which one perceives happingess as something attained with material items. This results in a shallow and short lived sense of happiness.
    Hedonic treadmill
  24. The concept of hope has two components
    • Pathways
    • agency
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