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  1. Sophists
    teacher, skilled, wise, person with specific knowledge/craft
  2. Socrates
    Greek philosopher
  3. Thrasymachus
    character in Plato’s Republic; Greek sophist
  4. Triumvirate
    two; three councils working together badly; Caesar dominated first, Octavian second.
  5. Oracle of Delphi
    priestess in Delphi; told Socrates he had most wisdom of all in Athens.
  6. Scipionic Circle
    Group of writers/thinkers: Terence, Polybius, Panaetius, Lucillus
  7. Hannah Arendt
    German; The Human Condition
  8. Albert the Great
  9. Marcus Aurelius
    Roman Emperor, 161 to 180
  10. Seneca
    Roman philosopher
  11. Ides of March
    March 15; assassination of Julius Caesar
  12. Epictetus
    Greek; Stoic philosopher
  13. Julius Caesar
    assassinated in 44 BCE in Senate because of Cassius and Brutus; caused civil war: Marc Antony on behalf of Caesar vs. Octavian on behalf of conspirators.
  14. Thomas Aquinas
    Dominican priest
  15. J.M.W. Turner
    British painter
  16. Aurelius Augustinus
    Christian theologian
  17. Nero
    Roman emperor, 54-68
  18. Alaric
    King of Visgoths, 395-410
  19. Josephus
    Romano-Jewish historian
  20. Plato
    Greek philosopher; student of Socrates
  21. Cleopatra
    Last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt
  22. Aristotle
    Greek philosopher
  23. Glaukon
    Plato’s brother
  24. Battle of Actium
    Octavian (Rome) vs. Cleopatra & Marc Antony (Egypt); Octavian won. Octavian later becomes Augustus I of Rome.
  25. Nocturnal Council
    censure things to read, see, talk about
  26. Dumb Ox – Thomas Aquinas
  27. Household
    Aristotle’s politics; where we are born/where we begin; move outward to tribe, polis.
  28. Athens
    Greek city
  29. Eric Voegelin
    German; Order and History; Cosmological and anthropological
  30. Panaetius
    Stoic philosopher
  31. Monica
    St. Augustine’s mother
  32. Octavian
    Founder of the Roman Empire
  33. Nag Hammadi Library
    Gnostic texts, Plato’s Republic found in Egypt
  34. Constantine I
    Roman Emperor, 306-337
  35. Goths
    Germanic tribe who sacked Rome in 410
  36. Destruction of the Temple
    Jerusalem; the wailing wall of today is a wall leftover from the temple.
  37. Dead Sea Scrolls
    900+ texts found in caves in the West Bank; ancient Jewish sect
  38. Benedictines
    older & more established, Monica wanted son to join.
  39. Dominicans
    new compared to Benedictines, order that helped the poor
  40. Franciscans
    Came after Dominicans & also help poor
  41. Paul of Tarsus
    Christian missionary
  42. Augustus
    Founder of Roman Emperor; 1st Emperor
  43. Battle of Trafalgar
    Turning point for British navy against Napoleon
  44. Marcus Brutus
    Roman politician; involved in assassination of Caesar
  45. Ring of Gyges
    Invisibility ring
  46. Zeno
    Founder of stoicism
  47. Edict of Milan
    Constantine & Licinius; agreement to treat Christians benevolently
  48. Stoics
    Founded in Athens by Zeno
  49. Leo Strauss
    German; Natural Right and History; Thoughts on Machiavelli, The City and Man
  50. Marcus Tullius Cicero
    Roman philosopher
  51. Varro
    Roman scholar
  52. Teilhard de Chardin
    French philosopher; Jesuit priest
  53. Monte Cassino
    Rocky hill near Rome; location of Benedictine Order
  54. Council of Nicaea
    Christian bishops during Constantine’s time
  55. The Four Gospels
    Matthew, Mark, Luke, John
  56. Battle of Phillippi
    the turning point in Ancient world; Marc Antony & Octavian defeated Brutus & Cassius.
  57. Tacitus
    Roman Senator
  58. Polybius
    author of the Constitution of Rome; consulted by our Founding Fathers.
  59. Mark Antony
    Roman politician; supporter of Caesar
  60. Essenes
    people profiled in the Dead Sea Scrolls in 1946; some scholars say they did not exist or that the Dead Sea Scrolls are not about them.
  61. Tiberius
    Roman Emperor, 14-37
  62. Ambrose
    Patron saint of Milan; one of four original doctors of the church
  63. Horatio Nelson
    Hero of the Battle of Trafalgar off the coast of Spain; defeated Napoleon
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