Phil Ch 1

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  1. Two components to the premise’s support of the conclusion are:
    • 1. the premise can offer support for the conclusion only if the premise is true.
    • 2. The premise must be relevant to the conclusion.
  2. Critical Thinking is:
    the careful application of reason in the determination of whether a claim is true.
  3. Claims or (statements) are:
    the kinds of things that are true or false
  4. an issue is:
    a question
  5. two ways of stating an issue are:
    (1) Is blank, blank? (2) Whether blank is blank.
  6. We must have some _______ about what counts for or against a __________ if you are to entertain it
    • idea
    • claim’s truth
  7. What are two components to a premise’s support of a conclusion?
    • the premise must be true.
    • it must be relevant to the conclusion.
  8. if more arguments are required to support a claim. What can happen to the premise?
    it can turn up as the conclusion of another argument.
  9. the premise, if true must actually increase the likelihood that the __________ is _______
    • conclusion
    • true
  10. We produce an argument when we give a reason for _______________________
    thinking that a claim is true
  11. A claim that is offered as a reason for believing another claim is a ___________.
  12. The claim for which a premise is supposed to give a reason is the ____________ of the _____________ .
    • conclusion
    • argument
  13. "Sam’s grandmother died, and he had to attend the funeral" is the ___________
  14. "Sam should be excused for missing class." is the ____________
  15. the conclusion answers the question asked by ______________.
    the issue
  16. the conclusion of the argument states a _________________.
    position on the issue
  17. The number of people who have learned how to steal identities has doubled in the past year. So, you are now more likely to become a victim of identity theft than you were a year ago. What is the first sentence, and what is the second?
    • First sentence: Claim, it offers support for a reason to believe.
    • Second: Claim, its an argument.
  18. What are the two things arguments are confused with?
    • 1. Explanations
    • 2. Attempts to persuade.
  19. An explanation identifies the cause of __________________.
    The problem.
  20. “Patrick Lawler should have carried medical insurance because now he can’t pay his medical bills” is an ______________
  21. “he can’t pay his medical bills” provides _____________________ that Patrick Lawler should have had medical insurance.
    a reason for thinking it is true
  22. an argument attempts to support or prove a ________________.
  23. an explanation specifies ___________________________.
    what caused something / or how it works.
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