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  1. London Wool & Fruit Exchange
    Brushfield Street
  2. Viajante Restaurant
    Cambridge Heath Road
  3. Ten Bells PH
    Commercial Street
  4. Ten Bells PH
    Commercial Street
  5. Puma Court
    Commercial Street
  6. Spitfire mk.Vb W3311 Gate
    Commercial Street
  7. Clark Street
    Jubilee Street/Cavell Street
  8. Bar Locks PH
    Manningtree Street
  9. Archers PH
    Osborn Street
  10. Stepping Stones Farm
    Stepney Way
  11. Hughes Mansions
    Vallance Road
  12. Berglen Court
    Branch Road
  13. Stephen Hawking School
    Brunton Place
  14. George IV Regency Hotel
    Ida Street
  15. Dundee Wharf
    Milligan Street
  16. Grapes PH
    Narrow Street
  17. East London Traffic Control Centre
    Naval Row
  18. Les Trois Garcons
    Club Row/Bethnal Green Road
  19. Lion Mills
    Hackney Road
  20. Mander N.P Saint Peters Organ Works
    Saint Peters Square/Saint Peters Close
  21. Dead Dolls Club
    Kingsland Road
  22. Dead Dolls Club
    Kingsland Road
  23. Old Ship PH
    Sylvester Path/Mare Street
  24. Electric Flamingo Lounge & Club
    Chiswell Street/The Brewery
  25. Sessions House(Old)
    Clerkenwell Green
  26. Bastwick Street
    Goswell Road/Central Street
  27. ASLEF ( The Train Drivers Union )
    Saint John Street
  28. Museum Of The Order Of St John
    Saint Johns Lane
  29. Modern Pantry
    Saint Johns Square
  30. Golden Bee Cocktail Bar
    Singer Street
  31. Butchers Hook & Cleaver PH
    West Smithfield
  32. Club Gascon Restaurant
    West Smithfield
  33. Weavers Hall
    Gutter Lane
  34. Shutterbug Bar
    Rivington Place
  35. Flying Horse PH
    Wilson Street
  36. Bodeans Restaurant EC3
    Byward Street
  37. Barcelona Tapas Bar EC3 / 2
    Lime Street
  38. Emperor Bar
    Vine Street
  39. ViVat Bacchus
    Farringdon Street
  40. Nevill Lane EC4
    Fetter Lane
  41. Regis House EC4
    King William Street
  42. Crown Office Row
    Kings Bench Walk/Middle Temple Lane
  43. London Chamber of Commerce
    Queen Street
  44. Angel Wharf N1
    Eagle Wharf Road
  45. Meat Mission
    Hoxton Market
  46. Wallpaper Factory
    Offord Road
  47. Pickfords Wharf N1
    Wharf Road
  48. Victoria Stakes PH
    Muswell Hill
  49. That Place on the Corner
    Green Lanes
  50. Ronalds Road
    Holloway Road
  51. Jacksons Lane Centre
    Archway Road
  52. Boogaloo Bar
    Archway Road
  53. Saint Aloysius College
    Hornsey Lane
  54. Gatehouse PH
    North Road
  55. Stock Orchard Street
    Caledonian Road
  56. Somerstown Coffee House
    Chalton Street
  57. The Forge
    Delancey Street
  58. Camden Brasserie
    Jamestown Road
  59. Harlesden Clock Tower
    Harlesden High Street
  60. Kentish Town City Farm
    Cressfield Close
  61. Spring Place NW5
    Holmes Road
  62. Herbert Street NW5
    Malden Road/Queens Crescent
  63. Czech National Club
    West End Lane
  64. Queensmead
    Saint Johns Wood Park
  65. Disney Street SE1
    Redcross Way/Disney Place
  66. Black Vanilla
    College Approach
  67. Curlew Rowing Club
    Crane Street
  68. Greenwich Auctions
    Lassell Street
  69. King William Lane SE10
    Trafalgar Road
  70. Newport Street SE11
    Black Prince Road/Old Paradise Walk
  71. Courtenay Square
    Courtenay Street
  72. Jamyang Buddhist Centre
    Renfrew Road
  73. Damilola Taylor Centre
    East Surrey Grove
  74. Bergen Square SE16
    Norway Gate
  75. Simplicity Restaurant SE16
    Tunnel Road
  76. Alberta Estate
    Alberta Street
  77. Dragon Castle Restaurant
    Walworth Road
  78. Griffin Sports Club
    Dulwich Village
  79. Victoria Library
    Buckingham Palace Road
  80. Kings Scholars Passage SW1
    Carlisle place/Francis Street
  81. Balcon London Restaurant
    Pall Mall
  82. Astoria Hotel SW1
    Saint Georges Drive
  83. Truefitt & Hill Barbers
    Saint James Street
  84. Kings Scholars House
    Vauxhall Bridge Road
  85. Saint Johns Ambulance HQ
    Wilton Crescent
  86. Cattle Grid Restaurant SW11
    Battersea Rise
  87. Cattle Grid Restaurant SW12
    Balham Station Road
  88. Balham Bowling Club
    Ramsden Road
  89. Electric Brixton
    Town Hall Parade Brixton Hill
  90. Hurlingham Yacht Club
    Deodar Road
  91. Fairacres
    Roehampton Lane
  92. Youngs Ram Brewery
    Ram Street
  93. Hoot a Nanny PH
    Effra Road
  94. Dalberg Road
    Mervan Road/Brixton Water Lane
  95. Windrush Square
    Rushcroft Road
  96. Crown Lodge
    Elystan Street
  97. Saint Wilfrids Care Home SW3
    Tite Street
  98. Eagle Pond
    Clapham Common South Side
  99. Pelham Hotel
    Cromwell Place
  100. Genting Casino Cromwell Mint
    Cromwell Road
  101. Santa Maria del Sur Restaurant
    Queesntown Road
  102. Santa Maria del Sur Restaurant
    Queesntown Road
  103. Chelsea Guest House
    Wandsworth Road
  104. South Island Place
    Brixton Road/Clapham Road
  105. Cape Town Fish Market Restaurant
    Argyll Street/Sutherland House
  106. American Chamber of Commerce
    Brook Street
  107. Club 49
    Greek Street
  108. Hallam Hotel
    Hallam Street
  109. Molly Moggs PH
    Old Compton Street
  110. Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators
    Park Crescent
  111. Royal Mail London HQ
    Rathbone Place
  112. Qatar Embassy
    South Audley Street
  113. Isaac Newton Professional Development Centre
    Lancaster Road
  114. Woodchester Square
    Cirencester Street/Senior Street
  115. Barrie House W2
    Lancaster Gate
  116. Henry Vlll Hotel
    Leinster Gardens
  117. Zorbas Kebab
    Leinster Terrace
  118. Frontline Club
    Norfolk Place
  119. Mecure London Paddington Hotel
    Praed Street
  120. Grand Plaza Serviced Apartments
    Princes Square
  121. Saint Marys Mansions W2
    Saint Marys Terrace
  122. Olympic House Hotel
    Sussex Gardens
  123. Hogarth Business Centre
    Burlington Lane
  124. Chiswick Lifeboat Station
    Corney Reach Way
  125. Stonemasons Arms
    Cambridge Grove
  126. Potions Cocktail Bar W6
    King Street
  127. Tandoori Nights Restaurant W6
    King Street
  128. Tor Gardens
    Campden Hill Road/Horton Street
  129. Gambia High Commission
    Kensington Court
  130. Bishops Court WC2
    Chancery Lane
  131. Chichester Rents
    Chancery Lane
  132. Cheshire Hotel
    Great Russell Street
  133. Spinks Medal Shop
    Southampton Row
  134. Latin American Studies Institute of
    Tavistock Square
  135. Design Council
    Bow Street
  136. Institute of Chinese Medicine
    Chandos Place
  137. Bills Restaurant WC2
    Saint Martins Courtyard/Slingsby Place/Long Acre
  138. Saint Martins Lane Hotel
    Saint Martins Lane
  139. New Row
    Saint Martins Lane/Bedford Street
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