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  1. where is the danger?
    just because it cannot be seen heard or felt doesnt mean your not getting exposed
  2. radiation dangers
    • passes through with no effect
    • cell damage-can be repairable or not repairable
    • kills the cells
  3. what part of the body is of most concern because of rapidly dividing cells?
    • blood system
    • bone marrow
    • reproductive system
    • hair follicles
  4. what are the hazards of ionizing radiation?
    • somatic damage-cell damage
    • genetic damage-more of a concern
  5. somatic cell damage
    • cancer
    • cataracts
    • aplastic anemia-bone marrow shuts down
    • sterility-reproductive system
  6. genetic damage
    • gene mutation
    • not detected until 2nd and 3rd generation
    • birth defects
  7. what does MPD stand for?
    maximum permissible does
  8. what should you never be in?
    the primary beam
  9. with____ _______. you should never have any problems
    proper precaution
  10. what is REM
    then unit to measure exposure-should not exceed 5 REM per year
  11. ______ per year for occupationally exposed persons over the age of 18 years

    A. .05 SV
    B. 5 SV
    C. .005 SV
    D. 0.5 SV
    A. .05 SV
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  12. dosimeter
    a device that measures the amount of radiation a person has been exposed to
  13. types of dosimeter
    • film badge
    • thermoluminescent dosimeters (TLD)
    • ion chamber
  14. what type of dosimeter do we use?
    film badge
  15. film badge
    • contains a piece of film inside a lightproof envelope
    • light makes film black
    • the darker it is the more exposure you've been through
  16. what is the advantage of the film badge
    • pretty accurate
    • not expensive
  17. what is the disadvantage of the film badge
    • sensitive to  enviromental things like light and heat
    • can get falsely high reading
  18. thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD)
    • contains lithium fluoride crystals
    • fancy crystals that heats up to see how much you've been exposed to
  19. what is the advantage of TLD
    • keeps data over years
    • very accurate
  20. what is the disadvantage of TLD
  21. ion chambers
    • gives off ionizations that shows exposures
    • some are pens that you can put in your pocket
  22. what are the personnel exposure
    • primary beam
    • secondary radiation
    • leakage rediation
  23. what is secondary radiation
    • scatter radiation
    • primary source of exposure for us
    • when it hits an objects and bounces
  24. leakage radiation
    • problem with the machine
    • can't tell if there is a leak
    • it is required to check it every 5 years
  25. what can you use to reduce the exposure
    • chemical restraint
    • restraint devices
    • lead PPE
    • stand upright and arms length
    • use collimation
    • reduce the number of retakes
  26. safety operating procedures
    • adequate technique chart
    • positioning devices
    • protective clothing
    • personal dosimetery devices
    • emergency procedures
    • quality control measures and test
  27. radio opaque
    • x-ray can't go thru it
    • led or metal are examples
    • comes up white
  28. radio loosent
    • x-ray can go thru it
    • comes up black
    • example air
  29. what color will tissue come up
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