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  1. exposure factors
    • mA
    • time
    • kVp
  2. milliamperage
    the electrical current that heats the filament is measured in mA
  3. what happens if mA is increased
    the number of electrons is increased
  4. what does mA affect?
    the intensity of the x-ray
  5. how is mA measured
    • quantity of x-ray produced
    • determines the number of x-rays
  6. exposure time
    periods during which the x-rays are permitted to leave the tube
  7. if not enough black what do you need to do
    increase mAs
  8. what two exposure factors are directly related
    mA and time= mAs
  9. whats the formula for exposure time
    mA x time(in seconds)=mAs
  10. mAs
    higher ma allows for shorter exposure time
  11. what does mAs reduce
    • the exposure to radiation
    • the risk of movement which is the #1 artifact in vet medicine
  12. the higher the kilovoltage peak....
    the faster the elctrons are accelerated
  13. what does kVp affect
    • the penetrating power for the x-ray beam
    • the quailty of the x-ray beam and the ability to penerate tissue
  14. higher kVp setting allows for..
    lower mAs setting
  15. what does shorter wavelength have
    more penetrating power
  16. what color is the film when its under cooked
  17. what side should you read of the ruler

    a. cm
    b. inches
    a. cm
  18. what does FFD stand for
    focal film distance
  19. what does SID stand for
    source image distance
  20. what does SID measure
    theĀ  distance between the x-ray tube and the film which should always be 40
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