Anything Goes

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  1. Take a card, any card.

    All right, I'll take one for you.

    Now look at it.

    All right, Ill look at tit for you.
    Now don't tell me what it is.
  2. I don't want to play cards
    What d'ya wana to do

    shoot crapes?
  3. I was thinking of shooting myself.
    Kid kid,

    I know killing yourself sometimes seems like  good idear.

    But believe me,

    It never works out.
  4. Yeah/ give me one good reason to live.
    Cherry cheesecake!
  5. A week ago i was getting fitted for my first Brooks brothers suit, Now liik where i am.
    Aw, this place ain't so bad.

    Were you ever in jail in Cicero?

    I don't mean the new jail.

    I mean the old one.
  6. Moon please. My girl'a getting married in the morning.  I'll never see her again.
    You know your problem kid?

    YUou ain't got no philosophy.

    Life tought me to be to think positive.

    It's like Dillinger once told me.

    • Remember, It's always darkest just before they turn the lights on.
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