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  1. What procedure needs to be followed if you land below -40C?
    The aircraft may not take off without further inspection.
  2. What is the TAT about FL250 limited to?
  3. Lowest pressure altitude for T/O and landing.
  4. Highest pressure altitude for T/O and landing.
  5. Landing gear retraction speed.
  6. Landing gear extended speed.
  7. Landing gear extension speed.
  8. Max speed for windshield operation.
  9. Maneuvering speed, VA
  10. Turbulent air penetration speed
    • 200kts below 10000ft
    • 250kts or .63M whichever is lower
  11. Maximum Flap Extended Speed VFE
    • Flaps 9   - 250kts
    • Flaps 18 - 200kts, used for T/O only
    • Flaps 22 - 200kts
    • Flaps 45 - 145kts
  12. Max tailwind for T/O and landing
  13. APU, max altitude for start
  14. APU, max altitude for operation
  15. APU, min battery temperature for start
    At least -20C
  16. APU starter limits
    • Cooling period for each event:
    • After first attempt     - 60sec off
    • After second attempt - 60sec off
    • After third attempt    - 30min off
  17. Engine starter limits, on ground
    • Starting or dry motoring:
    • Up to 5min on, 5 min off or...
    • 1-4 cycles - 1min on, 1min off
    • following cycles - 1min on, 5min off
  18. Engine starter limits, in flight
    Max continuous operation - 5min on
  19. Engine warm-up and cool-down limits
    • prior to T/O engines must run idle or taxi thrust 4min for cold engine (more then 90min off) and 2min for warm engine.
    • after landing engine needs to run for at least 2min at idle or taxi thrust prior to shutdown.
  20. Engine operational limits, ITT start
  21. Engine operational limits, ITT T/O modes
  22. Engine operational limits, ITT Max CON thrust
  23. Engine operational limits, oil pressure below 88% N2
    • 34psi to 110psi
    • May exceed if oil temp is below 21C and engine must remain at idle
    • Operation in amber range 111-115psi limit to 5min
    • Operation between 116-155psi in all modes limited to 2min
    • Total time above 110psi limited to 5min
  24. Engine operational limits, oil pressure at or above 88% N2
    • 50psi min (34-50psi is permitted during T/O and G/A phase)
    • 110psi max
    • Operation in amber range 111-115psi limit to 5min
    • Operation between 116-155psi in all modes limited to 2min
    • Total time above 110psi limited to 5min
  25. Operation in icing conditions
    Minimum temperature for manual Anti-icing operation.
  26. Operation in icing conditions
    Max Temperature for Anti-icing operation.
  27. Operation in icing conditions
    Holding configuration
    • Landing gear - UP
    • Flaps            - UP
    • Min Airspeed - 200kts
  28. Electromechanical gust lock system
    Immediately prior to T/O the elevator movement must be checked.  Must move elevator no sooner then 10seconds full up and down twice.
  29. Max altitude for flap extension
  30. Pitch trim max airspeed without trimming after T/O or during climb
  31. Autopilot min altitude for CAT 1 ILS
    200ft AGL
  32. Autopilot min engagement height after T/O
  33. Yaw Damper minimum altitude
  34. Min O2 pressure for dispatch
    • 1 pilot and copilot - 1100psi
    • with observer      - 1500psi
  35. Min equipment for RVSM
    • Above FL280
    • 2 primary altitude measurement systems
    • 1 autopilot with alt hold operative
    • 1 altitude alerter
    • 1 transponder
  36. Autopilot use CAT II ILS
    min altitude 100ft
  37. Min CAT II ILS wind component
    • Max tailwind 10kts
    • Max crosswind 15kts
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