Head and neck muscles

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  1. Occipitofrontalis
    O/I = aponeurosis 

    A = wrinkles forehead, raises eyebrows
  2. Levator labii superioris
    O = lower margin of orbit above infraorbital foramen

    I = skin and muscle of upper lip

    A = raises upper lip an in snarl, flares nostrils
  3. Levator palpebrai superioris
    O = lesser wing of spenoid

    I = connective tissue of upper eyelid

    A = raises upper eyelid
  4. Obicularis oculi
    O = medial margin of orbit

    I = skin around eyelid

    A = closes eyelids
  5. Zygomaticus major
    O = zygomatic bone

    I = orbicularis ors muscle at corner of mouth

    A = draws corners of mouth up
  6. Orbicularis oris
    O = mandible and maxilla

    I = soft tissues at corner of mouth

    A = closes lips
  7. Buccinator
    O = alveolar process 

    I = orbicularis oris

    A = compresses cheek
  8. Platysma
    O = upper thorax btwn cartilage of second rib and acromion

    I = mandible and muscles around mouth, chin, and jaw

    A = tenses skin of neck
  9. Temporalis
    O = temporal lines of parietal bone

    I - coronoid process of mandible

    A = raises mandible, chewing
  10. Masseter
    O = zygomatic arch

    i = angle and ramus of mandible

    A = raises mandible
  11. Sternocleidomastoid
    O = manubrium, and clavicle

    I = mastoid process temp bone

    A = flex neck.rotates and bends head laterally
  12. Sternohyoid
    o = clavicle and manubrium

    i = hyoid bone

    a = depresses hyoid bone and larynx
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