AT 102 chapter 9

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  1. The point at which elasticity is almost exceeded is the; mechanical failure occurs resulting in damage when exceeded:
    Yield point
  2. Following the release of load permanent or plastic changes result; change in shape of a tissue:
  3. A force that pulls and stretches tissue:
  4. A forces that results in tissue crush- two forces applied towards one another:
  5. A force that moves across the parallel organization of tissue:
  6. Two force pairs act at opposite ends of a structure:
    4 point load bending
  7. Three forces causes bending:
    3 point load bending
  8. Loads accused by twisting in opposite directions from opposite ends:
  9. A physical injury or wound produced by either an external or internal force:
  10. Some fibers have been stretched or actually torn resulting tenderness and pain on active ROM, movement painful but full range present:
    Grade 1 muscle strain
  11. Number of fibers have been torn and active contraction is painful, usually a depression or divot is palpable, some swelling and discoloration:
    Grade 2 muscle strain
  12. Complete rupture of muscle or musculotendoninous junction, signification impairment, initially a great deal a pain that diminishes due to nerve damage:
    Grade 3 muscle strain
  13. Following injury, muscles within an effected area contract to splint the area in an effort to minimize pain through limitation of motion:
    Muscle guarding
  14. Overexeration in strenuous activity resulting in muscle pain; occurs following participation in activity that individual is unaccustomed:
    Muscle soreness
  15. Accompanies fatigue, and is transient muscle pain experienced immediately after exercise:
    Acute onset muscle soreness:
  16. Pain that occurs 24-48 hours following activity that gradually subsides (pain free 3-4 days later), potentially caused by slight microtrauma to muscle or connective tissue structures:
    Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
  17. Gradual onset, with diffuse tenderness due to repeated microtrauma and degenerative changes; signs of swelling and pain:
  18. Inflammation of synovial sheath:
  19. Hematoma results from blood and lymph flow into surrounding tissue; result of sudden blow to body; can be deep or superficial:
  20. Articulation of two bones surrounded by joint capsules lined with synovial membranes
    Synovial joint
  21. Partial dislocations causing incomplete separation of two bones; bones come back together in alignment:
  22. Occurs when at least one bone in a joint is forced out of alignment and must be manually or surgically reduced; gross deformation is typically apparent with bilateral comparison revealing asymmetry:
  23. Wearing away of the hyaline cartilage as a result of normal use; affects weight bearing joints
  24. bursa are filled filled sacs that develop in areas of friction,  swelling, pain, some loss of fxn; inflammation of bursa at sites of boney prominences between muscle and tendons:
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