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  1. all kidney stones form in alkaline urine except what 2
    • uric acid stones
    • cysteine stones
  2. How are uric acid stones different from all other stones?
    uric acid stones form in acidic ph and they are radiolusent on xray of abdomen/pelvis
  3. rx for uric acid stones?
    alkalanize urine by K citrate/allopurinol/low protein diet
  4. rx for minimal change diseasse?
  5. what is the most common cause of gastric outlet obstruction?
    prepyloric peptic ulcer causing fibrosis of the pylorus and then causeing intractable vomiting
  6. what chemical may be used to determine ovulatory reserve?
    inhibin a
  7. formula to determine respiratory compensation in metabolic acidosis?
    metabolic alkalosis?
    • 1.5 X HCO3 + 8
    • 0.9 x HCO3 +16
  8. no passage of bowel or gas and hyperactive bowel sounds, dx?
  9. what is amblyopia
    most common cause of amblyopia?
    decreased visual acuity in eyes

  10. anserine vs prepatellar bursitis?
    • prepatellar is on top of the patell
    • anserine is anteriomedial tibi
  11. most common cause of constipation?
  12. difference between absence seizure and complex partial seizure?
    partial complex has post ictal confusion
  13. what kind of eye pathology does optic neuritis produce?
    • vision loss
    • color change
    • afferent pupillary defect
  14. rx for solitary breast cancer metastasis?
    widespread metastasis?
    • sx
    • chemo or hormone therapy
  15. what are the dietary recommmendations for renal calculi?
    • decreased sodium
    • decreased protein/oxalate
    • increased calcium
    • increased hydration
  16. risk factors for cad?
    • smoking
    • age
    • fh
    • hdl/htn
  17. can hereditary spherocytosis get aplastic crisis?
  18. what kind of muscle changes can hypothyroid produce?
    everything from rhabdomyolysis- high ck to hypertrophy
  19. what drug gives the side effect of oral ulcers
  20. felty syndrome
    kaplan sydnorm
    splenomegaly and granulocytopenia

    ra + lung nodules
  21. first line rx for endometeriosis?
    • ocp
    • leuprolide--gnrh antagonist or danazol
  22. scheduled doctors visits are recommended fro what disorder?
    • hypochondriasis
    • somatization disorder
  23. lymphadenitis in kids?
    • s. aureus
    • group a
  24. what are two bacteria you can get from ticks?
    • francisella tularemia
    • borrelia burgdorferi
  25. what two gram + cocci have no hemolysis and grow in bile nad nacl 6.5?
    • enterococcus
    • peptostreptococci
  26. what other additional testing should be done in a pt with pid
    • hiv
    • hep b
    • rpr
    • pap smear
  27. cavernous vs strawberry hemangioma?
    • cavenrous is blue and has blood vessels
    • strawberry is red
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