The scientists

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  1. John Dalton
    Dalton's Atomic Theory
  2. William Crookes
    Cathode rays (Maltese cross/paddle Wheel)
  3. JJ Thompson
    • Electron (negatively charged)
    • Ratio of charge to mass of the electron (e/m)
  4. George Stoney
    Named the electron
  5. Robert Milikan
    • Discovered the actual charge on the electron - the oil drop experiment 
    • Using Thompson's (e/m) equation - found the mass of the electron
  6. Ernest Rutherford
    • Nucleus -Gold foil experiment (alpha particles)
    • Proton - Positive charge in nucleus
  7. James Chadwick
    Neutron - bombarded Beryllium (Be) with alpha particles
  8. Niels Bohr
    Electrons revolve around the nucleus in fixed paths called orbits at a precise distance from the nucleus
  9. Louis de Broglie
    Electrons have a wave nature
  10. Erwin Shrödinger
    Shapes of the atomic orbitals
  11. Robert Boyle
    First accurate definition of an element
  12. Humphrey Davy
    Discovered elements by passing electricity through their compounds
  13. Henry Mosely
    Used X-rays to discover the number of protons in an atom (i.e. the atomic number)
  14. Johann Doberiener
    Doberiener's Triads
  15. John Newlands
    Newland's Octaves
  16. Dimitri Mendeleev
    Brought an order to the list of elements - Periodic table
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