DIT day 9

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  1. when do you give thiazides for calcium stones?
    if you have high calcium in urine and normal serum calclium
  2. cfh exacerbation and already on loop diuretic, how much more diuretic you give them?
    double the dose they came in with
  3. for what size do you use lithotripsy?
    5mm to 2 cm
  4. what masses do you not biopsy, instead you just remove them?
    • renal cell carcinoma
    • ovarian mass
  5. what drugs can cause interstitial nephritis?
    • all drugs
    • infections
    • metals
  6. rx for nephritis syndomres?
    • steroid
    • ace i
    • statin
  7. alport syndrome
    • cant pee
    • cant hear
    • cant see
  8. all disease and tumor cause what nephrotic syndrome?
    • membranous
    • minimal change dz
  9. spike and dome gn
  10. granular casts
    chronic renal disease
  11. chronic renal disease and dm?
  12. chronic management of high K?
  13. which of the rta has high urine ph?
    rta type 1
  14. what causes a normal anion gap acidosis with low k
    rta type 1 and 2, fanconi syndrome
  15. how to differentiate between normal anion gap acidosis causes/?
    look at K
    if K is low--rta type 1 and 2

    if K is high--hyperaldosteronism, rta type 4, cushings syndomre, K sparing diuretics
  16. rx for type 1 rta
    type 2
    type 4
    • hco3
    • diuretics
    • fludrocortisone
  17. fast correction of high na
    low na
    • cerebral edema
    • central pontine myelinosis
  18. prostate cancer occurs where in the prostate?
    peripheral zone
  19. side effects of prostate surgery?
    • ed
    • incontinence
  20. when do you not biopsy tumor, instead u just remove them
    • rcc
    • testicular tumor
  21. dx test for posterior urethreal valve
    voiding cystourethrogram
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