Chapters 6,8,9,11

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  1. The Law of Conservation of Mass
    states that the total mass of the products of a chemical reaction is the same at the total mass of the reactants
  2. The Law of Conservation of Matter
    states that in any chemical reaction, matter is neither created or destroyed but merely changes from one form to another
  3. Radioactivity
    The spontaneous breaking up of an unstable nucleus with the emission of one or more types of radiation
  4. Radioactive Isotope
    An isotope with an unstable nucleus and the ability to emit radiation
  5. Half-life
    of an element is the time taken for half the of the nuclei in any given sample to decay
  6. One Mole
    of a substance is the amount if that substance which contains 6x1023 particles (ions, atoms or molecules) of that substance
  7. Relative Atomic Mass
    mass of one mole of an element
  8. Relative Molecular Mass
    sum of mass numbers of all the atoms in a compound
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