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  1. Landlocked
    Having no coastline
  2. Plateau
    A high, flat area of land
  3. Fertile
    Productive land with plentiful soil nutrients suitable for growing crops or good-quality grass for grazing
  4. TNCs
    • Trans-National Companies
    • Businesses with operations in many countries
  5. Cash crops
    Edible plants grown to be sold rather than to be eaten by the grower
  6. Export
    The act of sending materials and/or products out of a country (also refers to the goods moved)
  7. HDI
    A measure of development based on a range of statistical indicators
  8. Rate of natural increase
    Birth rate minus death rate, a measure of how fast a population is growing, without including the contribution of migration
  9. GDP per capita
    Gross domestic productivity as an average per person in a country, an indicator of development
  10. Imports
    Materials and/or products brought into a country
  11. HIV-positive
    Describes a person infected with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  12. HIV/AIDS
    Acquired Human Immune Deficiency Syndrome caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus
  13. Isolated
    Remote; a long distance from other places and lacking good communication links
  14. Subsistence farmers
    People producing food to feed themselves and their family
  15. Smallholdings
    Farmers using a limited area of land
  16. Investment
    Money used to bring about increased development
  17. Household
    A group of people sharing a living space, usually a family
  18. Extended family
    A group of relatives living together including aunts/uncles, cousins and/or grandparents, in addition to parents and their own children
  19. Cycle of poverty
    The set of factors or events by which people who are poor are likely to remain poor unless there is outside intervention
  20. Low productivity
    Goods or services produced in small quantities or at a slow rate
  21. Inputs
    Things added to a system in order to produce an output
  22. Artificial fertiliser
    A man-made chemical product used to improve soil fertility
  23. Pesticide
    A product used to control pests
  24. Surplus
    More than what is required or needed
  25. Literacy rate
    The proportion of people able to read and write
  26. Gender inqualities
    The unequal treatment or perceptions of people based on their sex
  27. Manual labour
    Physical jobs that only need a low level of education
  28. Domestic work
    Household chores such as cleaning and cooking
  29. Dowry
    Money paid to a bride's family by the bridegroom's family
  30. Maternal mortality rate
    The proportion of women who die during or soon after pregnancy or childbirth
  31. Malnourished
    Having an inadequate or insufficient diet
  32. Pit latrines
    A toilet system using a hole in the ground
  33. Deforestation
    The chopping down or clearance of trees
  34. Biodiversity
    The variety of species in an area
  35. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)
    Eight targets set out by the United Nations to reduce global poverty and deprivation
  36. Environmental sustainability
    Preserving the environment in order to support human life now and in the future
  37. Sustainable
    Able to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
  38. Solar-power
    The use of the Sun's energy to heat water or produce electricity
  39. Hydroelectricity
    The use of river water to power a generator
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