Acids / Bases pH & Indicators

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  1. Arrhenius' Acid
    an acid is a substance that dissociates in water to produce H+ ions
  2. Arrhenius' Strong Acid
    dissociates fully in water (i.e. almost every molecule breaks up to give Hions)
  3. Arrhenius' Weak Acid
    do not fully dissociate in water
  4. Dative Covalent Bond
    Both electrons in this bond came from the same atom
  5. Arrhenius' Base
    a base is a substance that dissociates in water to produce OHions
  6. Arrhenius' Strong Base
    dissociates almost completely in water to produce OH- ions
  7. Arrhenius' Weak Base
    only  partially dissociates in water to produce OHions
  8. Bronsted-Lowry Acid
    • an acid is a proton (H+) donor
    • BL Strong Acid - a good proton donor
    • BL Weak Acid - A poor (weak) proton donor
  9. ceptorBronsted-Lowry Base
    • a base is a proton (H+) acceptor
    • BL Strong Base - a good proton acceptor 
    • BL Weak Base - a poor(weak) proton acceptor
  10. Conjugate Base
    Arises when an acid donates a proton
  11. Conjugate Acid
    Arises when a base accepts a proton 
  12. Conjugate Acid-Base Pair
    an acid and a base which only differ by a proton
  13. pH
    -log10[H+] where the square brackets indicate concentration in moles per litre
  14. Acid-Base Indicators
    are used to find the end point when carrying out a titration by a colour change
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