Wordly Wise 3000 Book 10

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  1. ameliorate
    v. To make better; to become better; to improve
  2. baleful
    adj. expressing hatred or evil; harmful, ominous
  3. berate
    v. to criticize vigorously; to scold vehemently
  4. circumvent
    v. to avoid through craftiness
  5. compunction
    n. a feeling of uneasiness or anxiety caused by guilt
  6. condone
    v. to overlook or accept without punishment; to pardon or excuse
  7. diminutive
    adj. very small; tiny
  8. euphemism
    n. a polite term used to avoid directly naming something considered offensive or unpleasant
  9. expendable
    adj. able to be used up and then discarded or replaced
  10. heresy
    n. the expression of shocking or unacceptable views
  11. infirmity
    n. physical or mental weaknessor defect
  12. profane
    • v. to treat with scorn or irrverence
    • adj. 1. disrespectful of sacred things
    • 2. not connected with reigion; worldly
  13. recompense
    • v. to pay or compensate
    • n. payment; compensation
  14. repast
    n. food and drink; a meal
  15. servitude
    n. a lack of freedom; forced labor
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