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  1. Reconstruction Plans
    • Lincoln- 10%
    • Johnson- lenient
    • government- strict
  2. Reconstruction Amendments
    (Civil War Amendments)
    • 13th- abolished slavery
    • 14th- equal citizenship
    • 15th- all men can vote
  3. Laws formed to limit freedom of former slaves
    Black Codes
  4. Northern Republicans who moved south during reconstruction for economic opportunity
  5. Southern republicans in the south during reconstruction
  6. Party who was very strict on the south that included Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens
    Radical Republicans
  7. President who was lenient to southerners during reconstruction that was impeached
    Pres. Andrew Johnson
  8. Act that required senate approval of a replacement before the president could remove an appointed offical
    • Tenure of Office Act
    • (used to try to kick johnson out)
  9. Name given to former slaves as a result of the Black Codes
  10. Terrorist group against A.A. that lynched and killed A.A.. their leader was Nathan Bedford Forest
    Ku Klux Klan
  11. President who beat democrat Tilden by one electoral vote. Led to Compromise of 1877 which lifted union guard in the south
    Pres. Rutherford B. Hayes
  12. Farmer worked part of land in return for shelter and food. Kept A.A. on plantations due to debt
  13. Aided millions of southerners (freedman) who were left homeless and hungry
    Freedmen's Bureau
  14. Court case that brought up the law of the land in the south "Separate but equal"
    Plessy v. Fergusson
  15. Influential A.A. who believed A.A. needed an education to advance
    W.E.B. Dubois
  16. Group formed to help end racial discrimination towards A.A.
    National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
  17. Thought A.A. should focus on economic attention for economic equality
    Booker T. Washington
  18. Focused attention on stopping the lynching of A.A. to keep public focused on the issue
    Ida B. Wells
  19. President that advocated westward expansion
    Pres. Grover Cleveland
  20. Land out west inhabited by N.A.
    The Great Plains
  21. Act that encouraged settlement out west by giving 160 acres of land to farmers to make a profit out of it
    Homestead Act
  22. People who took advantage of the Homestead Act
  23. Southerners (mostly A.A.) who settled in western lands to escape the Jim Crow Laws
  24. Railroad that connected both ends of the U.S.
    Transcontinental Railroad
  25. The cattle industry that took off in the west
    Cattle Kingdom
  26. Long treks in which cowboys herded cattle from ranches to rail lines
    Long Drives
  27. Wrote the book "A Century of Dishonor" about the horrid treatment of the N.A.
    Helen Hunt Jackson
  28. Act set to assimilate the N.A. to the American Culture
    Dawes Act
  29. American attack on a N.A. camp where 300 American soldiers died
    Battle of Little Big Horn
  30. Leader of the Nez Perce "I will fight no more forever"
    Chief Joseph
  31. Area where N.A. were placed by Americans when americans took their land
  32. Organization of farmers that banded together and formed something like a union
    The Grange
  33. Party formed by the Grange that wanted the standard for money to be silver to cause inflation so their debt would not be as high
    Populist Party
  34. Americans who opposed immigration
  35. Age where the government looked good but was actually very corrupt
    The Gilded Age
  36. Groups that would run local governments and do corrupt and shady things to stay in power (the Tweed Ring)
    Political Machines
  37. Political cartoonist who showed what was actually going on with the government (muckraker)
    Thomas Nast
  38. Created settlement houses to help immigrants in America
    Jane Addams
  39. Places where immigrants went to get help with starting out in America
    Settlement houses
  40. Popular sports and entertainment in America
    Boxing, Baseball
  41. Apartment buildings in cities where many immigrants lived which had terrible conditions to live in
    Tenement homes
  42. Custom center for immigrants from Europe
    Ellis Island
  43. Custom center for immigrants from Asia
    Angel Island
  44. The increase in factories and manufacturing of countries
  45. Nickname given to captains of industry like Carnagy (steel) Rockefeller (oil) and Pullman (sleeping car)
    Robber Barons
  46. Business practice for eliminating competition
    Horizontal integration
  47. Business practice for eliminating the middle man
    Vertical integration
  48. Act that went after trusts (90% of the business)
    Sherman Anti-trust Act
  49. Invented the light bulb and figured out a way to harness electricity
    Thomas Edison
  50. groups of workers that banded together in workplaces to receive better working conditions or better pay
    Labor unions
  51. system used by Garfield that brought in people who supported the president into winning rather than bringing in people with skill (Spoils system)
    Civil Service commission
  52. Three progressive presidents
    • Pres. Teddy Roosevelt (trustbuster)
    • Pres. William Taft
    • Pres. Woodrow Wilson
  53. The act of breaking up trusts
  54. Act that allowed the federal government regulate interstate commerce
    Interstate Commerce Act
  55. Act that allowed the federal government to regulate railroads
    Hepburn Act
  56. Acts that inspected food, meat, and drugs to make sure that they were pure and good to consume
    Pure Food and Drug and Meat Inspection Acts
  57. Another act that tried to break up trusts
    Clayton Anti-Trust Act
  58. Controlled interest rates and the banking system
    Federal Reserve
  59. People (mainly journalists) who dug through the dirt of society to expose problems to the public
  60. 16th Amendment
    income tax
  61. 17th amendment
    direct election of senators
  62. 18th amendment
  63. 19th amendment
    women voting
  64. Woman's sufferage
    Woman's voting
  65. third party of the progressive era
    Progressive and Bull Moose Party
  66. Law that made children go to school (decrease in child labor)
    Compulsory Education
  67. President during the Spanish-American War
    President William McKinley
  68. method used to sell more newspapers by exaggerating stories
    Yellow Journalism
  69. Ship that exploded in a harbor in Cuba that sparked the Spanish-American war
    USS Maine
  70. War in 1898 that lasted 4 months, U.S. won
    Spanish American War
  71. Built when Roosevelt decided to help the Panamanians with their revolt
    Panama Canal
  72. Addition to the Monroe Doctorine
    Roosevelt Corollary
  73. Progressive era president's "slogan"
    Speak softly and carry a big stick
  74. Progressive president's foreign diblomacy
    Taft's dollar diplomacy
  75. Dealt with China's spheres of influence that said everyone was aloud to trade with China
    Open door policy
  76. Seward purchased Alaska
    Seward's Folly
  77. Countries dealt with in Spanish American War
    Philipines and Puerto Rico
  78. In 1893 U.S. overthrew their government and annexed them
  79. Key European leader in 1914
    Franz Ferdinand
  80. Caused of WWI
    • (Main) Militarism, alliance, imperialism, nationalism
    • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
  81. digging trenches and sending poison gas and bombs into enemy trenches
    trench warfare
  82. Area between trenches
    No Mans Land
  83. Message intercepted by the U.S. from Germany to Mexico asking Mexico if they would make an alliance with Germany
    Zimmerman Note
  84. What got the U.S. involved in the war
    Sinking of the Lusitania
  85. 2 ways American citizen helped with war efforts
    Liberty Bonds and Victory Gardens
  86. Wilson's plan for peace after WWI
    14 points
  87. Happen on November 11th, at 11:00AM 1918
    Paris Peace Conference
  88. Treaty made after WWI. Planted seed for WWII
    Treaty of Versailles
  89. 14th point of the 14 points. US came up with it but did not join. Failed.
    League of Nations
  90. Pres. Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover were all republican presidents of the 1920s and practiced
    Lassie Faire
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