Health Final

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  1. your Target Heart Rate is between       &      percent of your Maximum Heart Rate zone
    60 & 85
  2. fitness formula to calculate your Target Heart
    Rate Zone
    subtracting your age from 220 to determine your MHR. Then multiply your MHR by 60% and 85%
  3. 4 main types of stretching
    • Static stretching
    • Passive stretching
    • Active stretching
    • Ballistic stretching
  4. body system that carries oxygen to the cells
    circulatory system
  5. body system that brings oxygen to the blood
    respiratory system
  6. progressive-education theory
    • John Dewey
    • His theory focused on students being active participants rather than passive recipients
  7. sport education
    • developed by Siedentop, Mand & Taggart
    • educate students in the skills, values, and attitudes of good sport
  8. During strenuous exercise, such as running, the
    heart pumps
    • 20 to 30 liters of blood through the body per
    • minute
  9. in a healthy workout routine, regular physical
    activity should be done
    • 5 or more days per week
    • if intense 3 or more days per week
  10. Flexibility is the ability
    joint to move through its full range of motion
  11. benefits of stretching
    • Reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)
    • Relief of aches and pains
    • Improved body position for better performance
    • Maintenance of good posture
    • relaxation
  12. importance of skill-related fitness
    • better coordination,
    • balance,
    • agility,
    • power,
    • speed,
    • reaction time,
    • & good athletic performance
  13. fact
    • Strength training along with aerobic exercise
    • increases blood circulation and oxygen supply to body tissues and develops
    • muscles. The number of tiny blood vessels (capillaries) increases by as much as
    • 50% in regularly exercised muscles. Existing capillaries open wider so that the
    • total circulation increases by as much as 400%, thus providing muscles with a
    • much supply of nutrients. Inactivity reverses the process, gradually shutting
    • down the extra capillaries that have developed.
  14. When a muscle is fully fatigued, it takes                
     for full recovery
    45 minutes
  15. overloading
    • develop muscles is by demanding more of them
    • than you usually do
  16. fact
    • When you stop lifting weights for a period of
    • time, your percentage of body muscle and body fat may change
  17. fact
    • A person’s potential for strength development is
    • determined by genetic inheritance, muscle size & leverage
  18. players in floor hockey
    • 6 players; one goalie, one center, two forwards
    • and two defensemen
  19. Forehand Pass
    • Passing puck by moving stick across the body
    • with palm of bottom hand going in forward direction (pushing with bottom hand).
  20. High Sticking
    Carrying the stick aboveshoulder level
  21. Lift Shot:
    Ashot in which the puck rises off the floor
  22. international cup competition for women in badminton
    The Uber Cup
  23. international cup competition for men in badminton
    The Thomas Cup
  24. oldest and most famous badminton tournament
    The All-England Championships.
  25. Badminton is most popular
    Southeast Asia
  26. facts
    • The wrist provides most of the power in badminton strokes
    • When the first great championships were played, the court was the shape of an hourglass
  27. height of the badminton net at the middle of the court
    15 feet
  28. shot that travels downward with great force
  29. stroke that sends the shuttle skimming low over
    the net in a more or less parallel line with the floor
  30. fact
    • If the shuttle touches the net during play, the
    • play is continued
  31. Softball hall of Fame is located
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  32. fact
    • The batting average of a player is calculated by dividing the number of hits
    • by the number of trips to the plate. Ex: a player who has 8 hits out of 40
    • trips to the plate has a batting average of .200
  33. left-handed pitcher
  34. first thing the batter should do as the ball
    leaves the pitcher’s hand
    shift weight to the rear foot
  35. skill that gives the most advantage to an
    offensive player
    place hitting
  36. major source of hitting power
    good hip rotation
  37. facts
    • A hit is considered a foul ball when the ball lands on the line and rolls out of bounds in front of first base.  
    • A hit that drops between the infielder and the outfielder is called a Texas Leaguer
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