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  1. Large quantities of keratin are found in the epidermal layer called the
    stratum corneum
  2. The protein that reduces water loss at the skin surface is
  3. Jaundice is indicated by
    a yellowish skin coloration
  4. The ________ in keratinocytes protects the epidermis and dermis from the harmful effects of sunlight
  5. Types of skin cancers include
    squamous cell carcinoma, malignant melanoma, and basal cell carcinoma
  6. Children in northern regions experience months of inadequate sunlight exposure on the skin. To prevent possible abnormal bone development, what essential organic nutrient is necessary in the diet?
  7. The layer of the skin that contains bundles of collagen and elastic fibers responsible for the strength of the skin is the ________ layer.
  8. A surgical incision parallel to the lines of cleavage
    closes and heals with relatively little scarring
  9. The layer of hard keratin that coats the hair is termed the
  10. Lanugo is found
    on a fetus
  11. When the arrector pili muscles contract,
    "goose bumps" are formed
  12. Glands that discharge an oily secretion into hair follicles are ________ glands.
  13. Sensible perspiration is produced by ________ glands.
    merocrine sweat
  14. Merocrine sweat contains ________ to protect against bacteria.
  15. ________ sweat glands are widely distributed across the body surface, ________ glands are located wherever hair follicles exist, and ________ sweat glands are found only in a few areas.
    Merocrine; sebaceous; apocrine
  16. The nail body covers the
    nail bed
  17. Nail production occurs at the nail
  18. The stratum corneum just under the free-edge of a nail is the
  19. The type of burn that may require a skin graft is a
    third-degree burn
  20. Skin can regenerate effectively even after considerable damage has occurred because
    stem cells persist in both epithelial and connective-tissue components of the skin even after injury
  21. During repair of the integument, fibroblasts follow areas of new capillary growth and produce ________ tissue.
  22. Charlie is badly burned in an accident. When he reaches the emergency room, the examining physician finds that he can remove entire hair follicles from Charlie's arm when he gently pulls on a hair with his forceps. Charlie is suffering from a
    third-degree burn
  23. Wrinkles in elderly individuals are the result of
    loss of elastic filaments in the reticular layer of the dermis
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