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  1. Origin of the:Erector spiane
    Iliac crest, sacrum and transverse process and vertebrae.
  2. Origin of the: Iliocostalis
    iliac crest and sacrum
  3. Origin of the: Interspinales
    Upper border of spinous process
  4. Origin of the: Intertransversarii
    Upper border of transverse process
  5. Origin of the: Longissimus
    Transverse at inferior vertebral levals
  6. Origin of the: multifidus
    sacrum and transverse process of C3-L5
  7. Origin of the: Obliquus capitus INFERIOR
    Spinous process of the axis
  8. Origin of the: Obliquus capitis superior
    Transverse process of the atlas
  9. Origin of the: Rectus capitis POSTERIOR MAJOR
    spinous process of axis
  10. Origin of the: rectus capitis POSTERIOR MINOR
    posterior tubercle of atlas
  11. Origin of the: rotatores
    Transverse processes
  12. Origin of the: semispinalis
    Transverse processes of C7-T12
  13. Origin of the:spinalis
    Spinous processes at inferior vertebral levels
  14. Origin of the: Splenius capitis
    ligamentum nuchae and spines of C7-T6 Vertebre
  15. Origin of the: Splenius cervicis
    ligamentum nuchae and the spines of C7 to T6 vertebre
  16. Origin of the: aBductor digiti minimi
  17. Origin of the: aBductor pollicus longus
    • middle third of the posterior surface of the radius.
    • interosseus membrane
    • middle back lateral of the ulna
  18. Origin of the: aDDuctor pollicus
    • Oblique head: Capitate and the 2nd and 3rd metacarpal.
    • transverse head: shaft of 3rd metacarpal
  19. Origin of the: anconeus
    lateral epicondyle of humerus
  20. Origin of the: Biceps brachii
    short head  tip of the coracoid process

    long head is off of the supragenoid tubercule.
  21. Origin of the: brachialis
    front lower surface of the humerus. and near the intramuscular scapula
  22. Origin of the: Brachioradialis
    upper third of the lateral supracondyler ridge of the humerus
  23. Origin of the:Coracobrachialis
    coracoid process of the scapula
  24. Origin of the: Deltoid
    Acromion, lower side of the Scap of spine, lateral top side of the clavicle.
  25. Origin of the: Dorsal interosseous (Hand)
    All 4 muscles come from 2 adjacent metacarpal shafts
  26. Origin of the: Extensor carpi radialis brevis
    Lateral supracondylar ridge of the Humerous
  27. Origin of the:   Extensor carpi radialis longus
    Bottom of the lateral supracondylar ridge of the humerus
  28. Origin of the: Extensor carpi ulnaris
    Middle half of the posterior border of the ulna
  29. Origin of the: Extensor Digiti minimi
    common extensor tendon coming off the lateral epicondyle of the humerus
  30. Origin of the: Extensor Digitorum
    Common extensor tendon coming off the lateral epicondyle of the humerous.
  31. Origin of the :indicis
    interosseous membrane and posterolateral surface of the distal ulna.
  32. Origin of the: Extensor Pollicis brevis
    interosseous membrane and the back distal end of the radius
  33. Origin of the: Extensor Pollicis longus
    Interosseous membrane and posterior surface of the ulna.
  34. Origin of the: Flexor carpi radialis
    Common flexor tendon off of the medial epicondyle of the humerous.
  35. Origin of the: Flexor carpi ulnaris
    Common flexor tendon and ulnar head of the olecranon process and the upper posterior portion of the ulna
  36. Origin of the: FLexor digiti minim brevis
    hook of hamate and the flexor retinaculum
  37. Origin of the: Flexor digitorum profundous
    Posterior border of the ulna, interosseous membrane.
  38. Origin of the: flexor digitorum superficialis
    Humeroulnar head, common flexor tendon and the posterior border of the radius head.
  39. Origin of the: Flexor pollicis brevis
    Flexor retinaculum and the trapezium (bone)
  40. Origin of the: Flexor pollicis longus
    anterior surface of he radius and membrane.
  41. Origin of the: Infraspinatous
    Infraspinatous fossa.
  42. interosseous doral
    • 4 muscles arising from the closer
    • Origin of the: FLexor digiti minim brevis
    • hook of hamate and the flexor retinaculum
  43. Origin of the: Interosseus palmar
    often fused with the adducter pollicis and they arise from the shafts of metacarpals 1,2,4,5
  44. Origin of the: Latissimus dorsi
    spines from t7 to the sacrum. posterior surface of the iliac crest.and the lower 3 or 4 ribs
  45. Origin of the: Levator scapulae
    transverse process of c1-c4
  46. Origin of the: Lubricals {hand}
    Flexordigitorum profundus tendon from digits 2-5
  47. Origin of the: Opponens digiti minimi
    Hook Hamate and the flexor retinaculum
  48. Origin of the: Opponens Pollicis
    Flexor retinacuum and the trapezium
  49. Origin of the: Palmar interosseus
    Fused with adductor pollicis and it comes off the the metacarpal shafts of 1,2,4,5
  50. Origin of the: palmaris brevis
    fascia over the hypothenar eminence
  51. Origin of the: Palmaris longus
    medial epicondyle of the humerus. common flexor tendon
  52. Origin of the: Pectorlis major
    Medial half of clavicle and coastal cartilage of ribs 2-6. body of sternum.
  53. Origin of the: Pectoris minor
    ribs 3-5
  54. Origin of the: Pronator quatratus
    Medial side of the anterior surface of the ulna
  55. Origin of the:Pronator teres
    Medial side of the coranoid process of the ulna
  56. Origin of the: Rhomboid MAJOR
    Spines of the vertebrae of T2-T5
  57. Origin of the: Rhomboid MiNOR
    inferior end of the ligamentum nuchae, spine of C7 and T1
  58. Origin of the: Serratus ANTERIOR
    Ribs 1-8 or 9
  59. Origin of the: Serratus posterior inferior
    thoracolumbar fascia and spines of T11-12 and L1 and L2.
  60. Origin of the: Serratus posterior superior
    ligamentum nuchae spines of C7 and T1 - T3
  61. Origin of the: Subclavius
    First rib and its costal cartilage
  62. Origin of the: Subscapularis
    Subscapular Fossa
  63. Origin of the: Supinator
    Lateral epicondyle of the humerus. supinator crest. fossa of the ulna
  64. Origin of the: Supraspinatus
    Supraspinatus fossa
  65. Origin of the: Teres Major
    Dorsal surface of the inferior angle of the scapula
  66. Origin of the: Teres Minor
    upper 2/3 of the lateral border of the scapula
  67. Origin of the: Trapizus
    Middle of the super nuchal line, external occipital protuberance, ligamentum nuchae and C7- T12
  68. Origin of the: Triceps Brachii
    • Long head- Infraglenoid tubercule
    • Lateral head- posterolateral humerus and intermusular septum
    • medial head-back middle half of the humerus
  69. Origin of the: Anterior scalene
    transverse process of C3-C6
  70. Origin of the: Aryepiglottic
    apex of arytenoid cartilage
  71. Origin of the: Arytenoid Oblique
    Muscular Process of the arytenoid cartialge
  72. Origin of the: arytenoid transverse
    posterior surface of the arytenoid cartialge
  73. Origin of the: Arricular
    Galea aponeurotica. anterior surface to the ear
  74. Origin of the: Buccinator
    pytergomandibular raphe
  75. Origin of the: Chondroglossus
    medial side of the lesser horn and body of the hyoid bone
  76. origin of the: Ciliary
    meridional fibers: scleral spur; circular fibers: encircle the ciliary process
  77. Origin of the: Constrictor inferior Phyrngeal
    Oblique line of the thyroid cartilage lateral surface of cartilage.
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