lab 3 test

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  1. 1.001 urine gravity means what?
    that urine is very diluted
  2. 1.035 urine gravity means what?
    concentrated urine
  3. testing negative for all substances means what?
    normal urine test
  4. positive for glucose and ketone bodies means?
    abnormal urine test. likely to be diabetes mellitus
  5. what doest testing positive for cast and calculi mean?
    most like kidney stones
  6. what does testing positive for microbes, rbc, wbc mean?
    urinary tract infection
  7. 4.0 to 6.5 on pH scale means?
  8. pH of 7.5 means?
  9. what does specific urine gravity 1.001 mean?
    low concentration of solutes
  10. what does specific urine gravity of 1.04 mean?
    very concentrated of solutes
  11. what is a normal volume for creating urine in 24hrs
    1-2 liters per 24 hrs
  12. what determines the visual concentration of urine
    clear colors means diluted, darker colors means concentrated
  13. what will microbes, pus, epithelial cells, or crystals do to urine?
    turn it cloudy
  14. what is the normal pH range of urine?
  15. what does glucosuria mean?
    glucose in urine, possible caused by diabetes mellitus
  16. what does hematuria mean?
    RBC in urine, caused by inflammation of or damage to urinary system
  17. what does pyuria mean?
    wbc in urine, infection of kidney
  18. what does albuminuria mean?
    albumin in urine, caused by disease or kidney trauma
  19. what does ketonuria mean?
    ketone bodies in urine, caused by metabolic condition called ketosis. Ketosis is when fatty acids are not completely broken down do to lack of cards in diet
  20. define casts
    casts are hardened clumps of material formed by protein precipitation or cell agglutination
  21. what are calculi?
    calculi are insoluble salt crystals
  22. what does microbes in the urine mean?>
    presence of bacteria or other microorganisms. possible urinary tract infection
  23. what is albumin in urine mean?
    excess proteins in urine due to kidney disorder
  24. where do ketone bodies come from?
    ketone bodies are created when the body does not have enough cards and the body uses fat cells as fuel
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