Ministry of Men

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  1. Mesolimbic Pathway
    is a system widely believed to be a reward pathway.
  2. Nucleas Accumbens
    this area is considered to be a critical component in the brain's pleasure center due to its association with the ventral striatum.
  3. ventral striatum.
    another area of the brain considered to be a reward pathway.
  4. Erototoxic Pathway
    the direct route of pictoral erototoxic stimuli (which links lost to fear and shame) is through the eye, to the visual cortex in the brain, down the spinal cord, and into the reproductive organs, overriding and hijacking the frontal cortical areas of the brain, where reason and recognition are located
  5. CREB (cAMP, response element binding protiien.
    • CREB is a transcription factor, a protein that regulates the expression, or activity, of genes and thus the overall behavior of nerve cells. When drugs of abuse are administered, dopamine concentration in the nucleus accumbens riseinducing dopamine responsive cells to increase production of us small signaling molecule, cyclic (cAMP), which in turn activates CREB.
    • Chronic porn/drugs use causes sustained activation of CREB.
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