AVP Midterm

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  1. What are video and audio patch bays used for?
    To route signal from point A to point B
  2. Name and explain three kinds of video transitions
    • a.    Cut – instant
    • b.    Dissolve – Smooth
    • c.    Wipe – Pattern
    • d.    DVE – Digital video effect – changes the aspect ratio of a frame.
    • e.    Key – cuts a hole over the background video.
  3. Three main components of a professional video camera
    • Lens,
    • body,
    • viewfinder.
  4. Three industry standard NLE’s systems
    (non linear editor)
    • a.    Avid Media composer
    • b.    Final Cut Pro
    • c.    Sony Vegas
    • d.    Adobe Premiere
  5. Time Code
    Digital audio signal recorded on an assigned track on your media and it labels each of the frames with a number using a 24-hour clock.
  6. Establishing shot
    The shot that defines where we are and what we are doing on this location.
  7. Leading
    Moving the camera slightly ahead of traveling person.
  8. Oscilloscope measures
    Luma levels and black in percentages.
  9. Vectorscope measures
    Chroma and hue levels indegrees.
  10. OTS
    Over the shoulder
  11. CU
    Close Up
  12. MCU
    Medium Close Shot
  13. What is the difference between an MC and a Production SWR?
    MC carries Audio.
  14. Define and explain Client
    The most important person in your professional life.
  15. Name two main buses in a professional SWR:
    M/E, Program, and preview.
  16. If you are working as an intern…avoid this mistake
    Not ask enough questions
  17. Two technical names for the main output of an SWR:
    Program, Live, Hot, Air.
  18. How do you read this timecode? 12:12:12;12 What kind is it? How do you know?
    Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Frames Drop Frame
  19. CMR
    Central Machine Room
  20. Burned Video
    Video Over 100% IRE
  21. All digital TV runs on 720p…….T or F
  22. A pixel is considered to be the smallest single imaging element….T or F
  23. Pan right
    Camera and lens to the right
  24. Dolly in
    Tripod, camera, and lens, move entirely
  25. What instrument monitors black levels from a camera video output?
  26. How many video players are available in the Grass Valley Turbo system?
  27. In FCP define: Overwrite edit
    It replaces the clip where the head is located and it maintains the duration of the video the same.
  28. In FCP define: Insert edit
    Makes a whole where the play head is and moves everything back, extends the video.
  29. An advantage of making a copy of a digital video file is no generation loss….T orF
  30. The 2X extender integrated to a zoom lens doubles the_______________
    Focal Length
  31. This recording system requires two passes to completely scan the entire screen___________
  32. A____________connector splits the video signal into chroma and luma
    S-Video, YC video and Separate video
  33. What is the function of a CCU?
    Camera Control Unit - Controls all of the camera functions. Not focus.
  34. Pan left
    Camera and lens moves to the left
  35. Pan Right
    Camera and lens moves to the right
  36. Dolly out
    Camera lens and tripod moves from stage.
  37. Tilt down
    move camera and lens pointing downward
  38. FCP, the viewer window is used for________
    Select the in and out points of a clip
  39. InFCP, the inpoint and the outpoints of a clip are assigned by the keyboard letters_________and__________
    • I
    • O
  40. The aspect ratio of a wide LCD screen is:___________
    • 16:9 1.78.1Broadcast standard
    • 1.81.1 Academy standard
  41. Name two professional video connectors
    DVI, HDMI, Coax
  42. Name the SWR used by the shader to monitor sources________
    Passive or active switcher.
  43. What is digitizing?
    Transcoding media from a source to a digital language.
  44. The two instruments that analyze a video signal are usually found at the very end of the signal flow. Explain why
    To monitor the quality control of the signal flow.Because it is easier to identify a problem by using the elimination process
  45. Elaborate:Prime lenses vs. Zoom lenses
    Aspect ratio, Zoom lenses do an unnatural move,object moves toward you, on prime you move toward the object.
  46. In FCP, what keys activate the rendering process?
    Opt + R, and Cmd + R
  47. After inserting new videotape or a new media card in a camcorder or a record deck,what do you record first and for how long? Why?
    1 minute of color bars and 1 k tone for calibration. For the master control operator and editor.
  48. What is the first technical adjustment made in a video camera?
    Black levels
  49. Define:Zebra indicator
    Identifies hot spots of burned video.
  50. Crosspoints
    inputs to the switcher
  51. Rack focus
    Utilizing a shallow DOF, Focal distance is shifted from a foreground item to a background item.
  52. Edit
    Going from point a to point b
  53. Stereographer
    Person that specializes in 3D Television recording.
  54. Calibrating a monitor
    Colorbars into monitor, blue gun, 3 grayscales and 4 blacks come, balance the gray vs the black, adjust chroma level, pedestal, blanking,(brightness, contrast,). Blue gun out and it should be ready.
  55. 4 windows in FCP
    Canvas, timeline, browser, viewer.
  56. Production Style
    The rundown of a show.
  57. GPI
    General propose interface
  58. CMR
    Central machine room
  59. SWR
    production Switcher
  60. VTR
    • video tape recorder (any recording device or
    • media)
  61. IDD
    intelligent digital disk recorder
  62. RCU
    remote control unit
  63. IRE
    Institute of video engineers
  64. NLE
    non linear editing
  65. video black
    7.5 IRE
  66. IEEE
    institute of electrical & electronic engineering
  67. CCD
    charged couple device
  68. cmos
    complainmatry medal oxide semiconductor (low Power)
  69. father of editing
    ivan surrour
  70. montage
    pasage of time to music
  71. 180 rule
    stay within 180 of establish shot
  72. non linear video
    on demand video
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