Anything goes

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  1. Curtin opns to bar
    You sure Crocker hasn’t called?

    He was supposed to meet me here

    half an hour ago?
  2. Fred: Another drink while you’re
    waiting Mr Whiney?
    Sorry, Fred.

    Seven’s my limit.
  3. Fred: You sure?

    Make it a double.
  4. Fred: Hear you’re off to England, Mr
    Big stuff, Fred.

    The biggest.
  5. Fred (serving the drink); Business huh?
    Henley Regatta.

    • Boot the Yale boat
    • home.

    (Crocker enters)

    Bulldog, bulldog,

    Bow, wow wow,

    Eli Yale!

    Play ball!
  6. Billy Crocker: Relax boss, I’ve been
    taking care of business( handing and envelope) I’ve got your steamer ticket.
    English money. Train ticket to Henley. And I picked up your dog a J Press.
    (takes a toy dog out of shopping bag). Yale sweater looks terrific.
    What about my passport?
  7. Billy: Nuts! I’m sorry Boss. I’ll pick it up
    first thing in the morning bring it to you on the boat.
    Damn it!

    • I want you down on Wall
    • Street first things in the morning.

    (Lowers voice)

    • To sell all of my
    • shares of Amalgamated Prestoleum. 
  8. Billy: Boss, the firm’s entire assets
    are tied up in Amalgamated.
    I got a hot tip from Charlie Blodgett.

    Amalgamated’s going to sink

    like the Titanic.
  9. Billy: You told me Charlie Blodgett
    is a liar and a drunk.
    He is.

    But he is a Yale man.
  10. Fred: One for the road sir?
    The usual.

    • (Fred offers the bottle
    • of gin)

    Good night, gentleman.

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