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  1. interpersonal communication
    communication that occurs when a limited number of people, usually 2, interact & degenerate meaning through verbal & nonverbal meaning
  2. Schult'z Interpersonal Needs Theory
    (firo) asserts that people interact with others to satisfy one or all 3 basic interpersonal needs: the need for inclusion , the need for control,& the need for affection
  3. impression management?=first impression
    • ingratiation= wants 2 b liked by others -giving compliments
    • self-promotion=being competent,goal is to be liked & respected by others
    • exemplification=offering yourself as noteworthy behavior/good example or role model
    • supplication=make person feel helpful/humble...intimidation=to provoke fear to be seen as powerful

  4. intimacy' including the different types
    • physical= way of expressing affection & love
    • emotional= sharing private thoughts & feelings
    • intellectual= sharing attitudes, beliefs or interest
    • collaborative= sharing & achieving a common goal
  5. defensive & supportive behaviors when communicating=
    • defense= our instinct to protect ourselves when being verbally or physically attacked
    • supportive=create a climate in which self-disclosure & responsiveness to feedback benefit both parties
  6. relational dialectics?
    focuses on the ongoing tensions between contradictory impulses in personal relationships
  7. the Myers -Briggs type indicator
    • in which the style we perceive the world around us 
    • the way we interact with the world around us
  8. resolving interpersonal conflict
    • constructive conflict= focuses on issues
    • respects others
    • supportive
    • flexible
    • cooperative
    • committed to conflict management
  9. the aeiou model of conflict resolution=
    • Assume the other person means well & wants to resolve the conflict
    • Express your feelings
    • Identify what you would like to happen
    • Outcomes you expect should be made clear
    • Understanding on a mutual basis is achieved
  10. Developing Assertiveness=
    • Assertiveness= stand up for own needs, while respecting the needs & rights of others
    • Passivity=giving into others to avoid conflict or disagreements
    • Aggression= puts personal needs 1st while violating someone else's needs & rights
    • Passive-aggressive= may appear cooperative & willing to accommodate others ,their behavior is a subtle form of aggressive behavior
  11. Three anger myths & Strategies for expressing anger constructively
    • Anger& Aggression are human instincts=  *Survival Instincts*
    • Anger is always helpful=                       *When it warns you of danger*
    • Anger caused by others=                  *Blaming others for your anger, you don't have to change your Own behavior*
  12. Types of professional relationships?=
    • Superior-Subordinate=over see the progress over the worker(boss).
    • co-worker=interactions among people who have little or no authority over each other
    • Customer=interactions between someone communicating/ organization( customer service)
  13. Supervisory Strategies for promoting trust & openness=
    • Behave
    • Honest
    • Share
    • Explain
    • Concern
  14. Is the customer always right?
    Customers may not always be right but they should be treated with courtesy & respect
  15. Rumor
    An unverified story or statement about the facts of a situation
  16. Gossip
    Type of rumor that focuses on the private , personal, or even scandalous affairs of other people
  17. Understand that companies can prevent the need for gossip by keeping employees well informed
  18. Sexual Harassment
    Unwanted sexual advances for sexual favors, inappropriate verbal or physical conduct of sexual nature, or an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment
  19. Before the job interview
    • Research the Organization= learn as much as possible about the company or place 
    • Assess your strengths & weaknesses=focus on your strengths that can help with the position in which you are applying for 
    • Practice Interviewing= doing mock interviews
  20. Standard Interview Questions & Examples
    • Closed-ended questions=Are you able to wk on weekends..(yes/no ( answers ?)
    • Open-ended Questions=that allows to be answered with the person opinion/thoughts
    • Hypothetical Questions=Example of a situation that may or may not happen
    • Leading Question= lead a person to think
    • Probing Question= could you explain what you mean by a "difficult client"
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interpersonal communication?= commmunication that occurs when a limited number , usually 2, interact & degenerate meaning through verbal & nonverbal messages.
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