System T1

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  1. Draw the hierarchy of Documents
    Image Upload
  2. Purpose of the UFSAR
    Describes what is in the plant and somewhat ho we operate it
  3. Contents of T.S.
    • -Definitions
    • -Safety Limits
    • -LCO's
    • -Design Features
    • -Administrative Controls
  4. contents of an LCO
    • Applicability: Modes, Temp, Pressure, etc. 
    • Actions: Condition, Required Action, Completion Time
    • SR: Surveillance, Frequency
    •      Gives confirmation that the equipment is operable
  5. How do LCO's relate to a system
    Meeting the LCO’s ensures that the Safety Analysis is valid
  6. Discuss the purpose and scope of 73DP-9ZZ14: Surveillance Testing Procedure
    • Purpose: Implement the ST program per TS
    • Scope: High Level; Govern the ST programApplies to all SR’s defined in TS and TRM
  7. individual responsibilities of the ST program owner
    • Establish accountability of SR’s
    • Review Changes
    • Maintain thorough knowledge
    • Owning action plans
    • provide clarification
    • identify performance trends
    • own the Master ST List
  8. Describe the function of the ST and Activity Tracker (STAT) Program, including:
    What ST’s are not included in the program?
    How are those tests controlled?
    • Not in Program:
    •     Equipment not in Appendix E; Not included in MMS
    •     Equipment in which ST periodicity is less than 1 week
    • Control:
    • Controlled through ST procedure itself, or within department procedures that control scheduling of that ST itself.
  9. How does the design basis are related to ST requirements
    Ensure that the equipment meets terms for operability, which in turn ensures that the safety analysis is valid.
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