GRE math

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  1. the angles in a triangle sum up to
    180 degrees
  2. order of operations
    • parentheses first (innermost to outer)
    • exponents or radicals
    • multiplication and division
    • addition and subtraction
  3. percent formula
    part= percent x whole
  4. percent increase
    percent increase= amount of increase/ original whole x 100%
  5. percent decrease
    percent decrease= amount of decrease/original whole x 100%
  6. how to recognize if multiples of 2
    last digit is even
  7. how to recognize if multiples of 3
    sum of digits is a multiple of 3
  8. how to recognize multiples of 4
    last two digits are multiples of 4
  9. how to recognize multiples of 5
    last digit is 5 or 0
  10. how to recognize mulitples of 6
    sum of digits is a multiple of 3 and last digit is even
  11. how to recognize multiples of 9
    sum of digits is a multiple of 9
  12. how to recognize multiples of 10
    last digit is 0
  13. how to recognize multiples of 12
    • sum of digits is a multiple of 3 and last two digits are a multiple of 4
  14. average
    average= sum of terms/ number of terms
  15. using average to find sum
    sum=(average) x (number of terms)
  16. how to find the number of integers from A to B inclusive
  17. median
    put the numbers in numerical order and take to the middle number
  18. mode
    take the number that appears most often
  19. range
    take the positive difference between the greatest and least values
  20. probability
    probability= number of favorable outcomes/ total number of possible outcomes
  21. polynomial
    an expression consisting of the sum of two or more terms
  22. inequalities
    remember to reverse the inequality sign if you multiply or divide by a negative quality
  23. absolute value
    the distance the number is from zero to the number on the number line, absolute value is always positive
  24. area of a triangle
    are= 1/2 (base)(height)
  25. isosceles triangles
    two equal sides and two equal angles
  26. equilateral triangles
    three equal sides and three 60 degree angles
  27. similar triangles
    corresponding angles are equal and corresponding sides are proportional
  28. how to find the hypotenuse or leg of a right triangle
    • pythagorean theorum
    • a2+ b2= c2
  29. special right triangles
    • 3:4:5
    • 5:12:13
    • 30 degree: 60 degree: 90 degree
    • 45degree: 45 degree: 90 degree
    • 1: √3: 2
    • 1:1:√2
  30. perimeter of rectangle
    perimeter= 2(length + width)
  31. area of rectangle
    area= (length)(width)
  32. area of square
    area= side2
  33. area of parallelogram
    area= (base)(height)
  34. area of trapezoid
    break figure into rectangle and triangle
  35. circumference of a circle
    circumference= 2(pie)r= (pie)d
  36. area of circle
    area= (pie)r2
  37. slope of line
    slope= rise/run= change in y/change in x
  38. simple interest problem
    interest= (principal) x (interest rate)x time

    • interest rate is expressed as decimal
    • time is in years or fraction of years
  39. finding compound interest
    (final balance)= (principal) x (1+ interest rate/C)(time x C)

    c= number of times compounded annually
  40. find average rate
    average A per B= Total A/Total B
  41. average speed
    average speed= total distance/ time
  42. combined work problem
    1/r + 1/s= 1/t

    • r and s are number of hours it would take two people to complete work
    • t is the total time
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