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  1. prevalence of ED in men 40-70
  2. labs if testiticular mass confirmed on u/s
    "beta-HCG, lactate dehydrogenase (LDH), and alpha-fetoprotein (AFP)"
  3. labs for suspected epididimytis
    "UA, culture, urethral swab for STD, scrotal u/s"
  4. USPSTF recommendations on prostate CA screening
    against ; better test needed
  5. acc to AUA what is threshold PSA for further eval
    there is no set threshold ; individualized
  6. PSA threshold for further eval
    4.0 ng/nL
  7. labs for suspected kidney stone
    "CBC, BMP, UA and culture"
  8. what drugs should not be taken with viagra b/c of risk of hypotension
    nitrates or nitroglycerin
  9. ACS recommended age to begin prostate CA screening in men at avg risk
  10. ACS recommended age to begin prostate CA screening in AA men
  11. recommended age to begin prostate CA screening in men at high risk
  12. acc to ACS prostate CA screening should consist of what?
    PSA with or without DRE
  13. recommended prostate CA screening freq in men with PSA LT 2.5 ng/mL
  14. recommendations if PSA betw 2.5 and 4 ng/mL
    individualized dec-making
  15. most common cause of epididymitis in men LT 35
  16. most commona cause of epididimytis in men GT 35
    E. coli
  17. key clinical finding with epididimytis
    painful mass behind testicle
  18. tx for epididimytis
    cipro or ceftriaxone/doxy
  19. ddx for LUTS
    "BPH, prostatitis, prostate CA, UTI, overactive bladder"
  20. labs for BPH
    "UA and culture, DRE, PSA and cytology"
  21. first line meds for BPH that ease urine flow
    alpha blockers like Flomax
  22. first line meds for BPH that decrease size of prostate
    5 alpha reductase inhibitors like Finasteride
  23. surgery for BPH
    TURP transurethral resection of the prostate
  24. do alpha blocker and 5ARIs work right away to relieve sx of BPH
    no. alpha blockers 1-3 mos ; 5 ARIs 3-6 mos
  25. mass on scrotum what is ddx ; initial dx test
    scrotal CA until proven otherwise ; scrotal u/s
  26. sudden severe testicular pain in young man or boy likely what?
    testicular torsion ; emergency b/c of ischemia
  27. clinical findings in testicular torsion
    "elevated testicle, neg cremaster reflex, neg Phrehn sign (lifting testes does not relieve pain as would in epididimytis"
  28. assume what with gross painless hematuria
  29. in men some nonCA causes of hematuria
    "prostatitis, BPH"
  30. how does bacterial prostatitis usu present
    "acute febrile illness with rectal, perineal, or LB pain"
  31. how much more prevalent is abacterial prostatitis than bacterial prostatitis
  32. BPH prevalence in men at 60 yo ; 85 yo?
    50% ; 90%
  33. how do 5 alpha reductase inhibitors like finasteride work?
    inhibit conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and cause prostatic atrophy
  34. meds for premature ejaculation
    tricyclics ; SSRIs ; topical lidocaine
  35. how is Cialis taken? one-off and maintenance?
    works in 30-60 min ; lasts 3 days; usu dose is 5 mg ; may take 2.5-5mg daily as maintenance
  36. gross hematuria is a common presenting sx of what?
    bladder or renal CA
  37. if microscopic hematuria consistently found what labs should be considered (think kidneys too)
    "UA, culture, serum creatinine"
  38. with finasteride tx PSA should decrease by how much at 6 mos
  39. what dz class can give a false positive bladder tumor androgen test
  40. What neurological dz's cause UUI
    "Parkinsons, MS"
  41. Causes of functional UI
    "fecal impactioin, immobility, lack of manual dexterity"
  42. 2 drugs that block FSH and LH that used as androgen ablators in prostate CA tx
    Zoladex (goserelin) and Lupron (leuprolide)
  43. Can acyclovir cure gential herpes?
  44. What is NPTR test and what is it used for
    Nocturnal Penile Tumescence and Rigidity test used to determine if there is organic cause of ED
  45. AUA BPH scale
    0-7 no tx ; 20+ medical or surgical tx indicated
  46. Can bowel sounds be heard over a hernia or a hydrocele
  47. Can all hernias be reduced
  48. Balanitis
    inflammation of glans
  49. balanoposthitis
    inflammation of glans and prepuce
  50. what is reserpine?
    sympatholytic used to block sympathetic vasoconstriction and also used as anti-psychotic ; may contribute to ED
  51. How long does it take a boy to progress thru all Tanner Stages
    3 yrs
  52. Boys Tanner Stg 1
    vellus hair in pubic area
  53. Boys Tanner Stg 2
    pigmented hair at base of penis with enlargement of testes and reddening of scrotum
  54. Boys Tanner Stg 3
    penis lengthens but does not broaden
  55. Boys Tanner Stg 4
    penis lengthens and broadens and pubic hair spreads but not to thighs yet
  56. Boys Tanner Stg 5
    pubic hair spreads to inner thighs ; penis and scrotum adult size
  57. lifestyle factors that predispose to prostatitis
    vigorous exercise
  58. Hormonal disorders that contribute to low testosterone
    DM and hyperTH
  59. how soon should pt wash off podophyllum in benzoic for gential warts
    1-2 hrs after application
  60. normal prostate volume
  61. most common cause of gross hematuria
    bladder infctn
  62. what d/o begins with painful tender on penis
    genital herpes
  63. what do seminal vesicles produce
    fluid rich in fructose
  64. urinary stones pt may have what presenting symptoms
  65. when do testes descend in fetus
    3rd trimester
  66. 1st line tx for priapism
    phenylephrine intracavernosal injection
  67. when does fetus develop sex organs
    12 mos
  68. most common hernia
    indirect inguinal
  69. what is bulbacavernous reflex
    squeeze glans and anal sphincter should contract ; sx that autonomic arch innervating bladder is working
  70. what is phimosis
    inability to retract foreskin
  71. what is paraphimosis
    permanent retraction of foreskin
  72. when should you be able to fully retract foreskin of baby
    by 1 yo
  73. race/ethnicity most at risk for testicular CA
  74. which type of hernia may descend into scrotum
    indirect inguinal
  75. 2 yo boy with undescended testes. Advice?
    needs orchiopexy by age 6
  76. most common cause of male infertility
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