Happy Birthday Mary!

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  1. Who is Mary?
    Daughterizella, sisteria, girlfriendina, friendosello, Mumzy of Rocco, oschwald, Timothy, foster Mumzy of Zoe, polo, stringer, the cat, the lapcat, leaderezio, writerezella, 
  2. What are Mary's specialties?
    Mary is the best in many areas.

    She wrote the longest story in her first grade. 

    She was the only one going to AP math class in her 3rd grade.

    She was elected to be the student president in her 5th grade - the only good news on that day.

    She was the only one got 4++ in her 5th grade writing test.

    She received $200 from the veteran essay contest When she was 12.

    Of course, the soccer.

    She was the only one who dribbled to the other side in the shark game.

    She scored the only goal in her club team first winning game.

    She assisted one and scored two goals in the state playoff game against Sandhills.

    Her high school team always won because of her. 

    She scored the only goal against Greensboro in the ODP. 

    She scored 3 goals against Burlington and ruined their senior night. The first goal was scored in the first minute.

    Against CACL.

    She was requested by Mrs. Lancaster to be in her class because of her good writing. Mrs. Lancaster also wrote a recommendation to UNC. Even the principal dared not to expect Mrs. Lancaster to write one for his son.

    Mary got the highest score from dr.   , the hardest chemistry professor.

    She was the chair, cochair, president for so many clubs. Proving ability was to raised $1400 for an Africa against child trafficking organization. Mary planned all the detailed activities.

    She made into the UNC nutrition program, the best in the country.

    She received highest honor for her thesis. It was so difficult since she had had no idea about clinical trials, she had to drive to Charlotte many weekends to conduct the clinical trial. She had to read many articles to be familiar with the research area when she was taking 8 courses in one semester, took MCAT test, ...

    Then, she scored a 3 pointer for her PE team basket team and scored the only goal for her soccer team.

    I need to go to rest, there is so much.
  3. What makes Mary so great?
    Her heart. Her principles. Her love. Her passion. Her determination. Her talent. Her ability. Her courage. Her vision. Her persistence. Her beauty. Her humor. Her talent. Her taste. her intelligence. Her speed (typing, run, thinking, joke making, reading, ...).
  4. Where is Mary?
    She is in school, at the dog park, grocery store, lab, volunteering places, hospital, animal shelter, the vet, Barnes and Nobel, coffee shops, out running, driving, taking the bus, sleeping (just a little), watching the NBA games, say yes to the dress, Italy, Uganda, Egypt, Spain,and New York city.
  5. What would you miss the most about Mary when she moves to New York?
    • I will miss having dinner with her, lunch, driving with her, talking with her, looking at her, laughing with her, watching her funny faces, listening to her great ideas, hearing the sound of her open the doors, watching tv with her, ...
    • cannot understand how other parents survive. Oh, because their daughter is not Mary!
  6. Which color do you use to describe Mary?
    I would use red for her passion and loving spirit, yellow for her ideas, so bright, blue for her wisdom, so deep,  gold for her heart, orange for her humor, warm and lighten up her surrounding, green for her resourcefulness, peach for her beauty, purple for her wisdom. She walks on a rainbow.
  7. What do you see her 10 years from now?
    • She will be a doctor beloved by her patients. She will be a loving wife and a loving mother. She will work part time so she will have time to enjoy her family. She might be able to write when her children are taking a nap. Her book will be best seller. Her ideas will become hottest apps. Her children will enjoy them so much that they only want to play apps authored by their Mumzy.
    • She and her husband will love each other deeply. They will have a big yard for Rocco.
  8. What will your life together be like 10 or 20  years down the road?
    • We will have lunches together. Our app teaching children communication skills will be finished and will be the most demanded program from parents. My grandchildren will be experts in communication in both English and Chinese. We will have the happiest family ever. By the way, I will not live in Mary's house. She will buy one for me near by.
    • We will revisit Spain, Italy, and we will visit France. 
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