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  1. management of hgil of cervix in pretnancy
  2. spike and dome appearance on microscopy?
    membranous glomerulopathy
  3. periventricular leukomalacia causes what?
    spastic hemiparesis---affecting internal capsule ( pyramidal vs extrapyramidal like in basal ganglia)
  4. rx for inpatient pneumonia
    ceftriaxone + macrolide
  5. /when do you do laparatomoy
    • signs of acute abdomen
    • hemodynamically unstable + open stab/shot
    • dpl or ultrasounds confirms bleeding in unstable ┬ápt
  6. complications of adpckd
    • mvp
    • liver cysts
    • berry aneursym
  7. what are the first reflexes to dissapear?
    • palmar grasp
    • rooting reflexes
  8. defect in bernard soulier?
    low gp1b

  9. digoxin toxicity, next step in managmentch
    check electrolytes for hypokalmeia
  10. rx for dawn phenomenon
    somoyogi phenomenon
    • increase evening nph
    • decrease evening nph
  11. bpp score of 4-6 next step?
    • >36 weeks deliver
    • <36 weeks repeat bpp in a day
  12. parvob19 may cause a symptomatic aplstic crisis in what pts
    • sickcle cell
    • hereditary spherocytosis
    • aiha
  13. what pathology is seen with oa
    • subchondral sclerosis
    • subchondral cyst
    • osteophyte formation
  14. difference between hellp syndrome and acute fatty liver of pregnancy
    both have hemolysis, low platelets, elevated liver enzymes hOWEVER fatty liver of pregnancy also has

    renAl failure and coagulaopathy
  15. rx for acute fatty liver of pregnancy
    delivery of fetus
  16. romano ward syndrome
    long qt without deafness vs lage--jervel nielsen
  17. risk of gestational diabetes
    macrosomia and shoulder dystocia
  18. which is cell mediated, leprosy with skin that has no sensations, or leprosy with skin that has sensations
    cell mediated is leprosy with little skin sensation
  19. rx for lithium toxicity at therapeutic levels
    decrease dosage
  20. how do you monitor rx of dka
    closure of anion gap and glucose <200
  21. initial rx for fibromyalgia
  22. presentaiton of adrenoleukodystrophy
    adrenal insuffiency

    spasticity, mental retardation
  23. what gives you antral varicosities without esophgeal ones
    splenic vein thrombosis
  24. grief usually lasts how long
    when is there concern for depression
    • up to a year
    • if the symptoms are really severe and last longer than 2 months
  25. rx for cord compression?
    steroids then surgical decompression
  26. proliferative vs nonproliferative diabetic retinopathy
    • non proliferative--exudates, hemorrhages
    • proliferaitive--new blood vessels
  27. rx for calcified/porcelain bladder?
  28. difference between androgen insensitivity and mullerian agenesis
    androgen insenstivity- + breast,- uterus,- pubic hair

    mullerian agenesis--+ breast, -uterus, - pubic hair
  29. management of tylenol poisoning
    • measure tylenol level 4 hours after ingestion
    • in the meantime, charcoal
  30. rx for social phobia
    assertiveness training
  31. rx for 2 episodes of uti, asymptomatic bacteruria, 1 episode of pyelonephritis
    prophylactic antibiotics
  32. bacteria causing endometritis
    • gram +
    • gram -
    • anaerobes
  33. rx for ascending cholangitis
    • fluids
    • antibiotics
    • electrive ercp
  34. sphincter of odi dysfuction predisposes to
    • biliary colic
    • pancreatitis
  35. most accurate test for sphincter of oddi dysfunction
    ercp with manometry
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