CIVE1173 Infrastructure Management introduction

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  1. Infrastructure Asset
    • enables cost effective management of
    • individual and networks of structures

    • asset management practices advance the
    • sustainability of infrastructure services
  2. Infrastructure assets
    provide the platform for social & economic development

    meet the needs of the community
  3. Good quality infrastructure
    provide the corner stone of public health & safety
  4. Infrastructure Systems examples
    Waste water reticulation system managed by a water authority

    Water supply scheme owned and managed by a semi-government authority

    Road network owned and managed by the state road authority

    Apartment complex owned and managed by the government

    Rail transport network managed by a semi-government agency

    Power supply network owned and managed by a private company
  5. Total asset management process
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  6. Road map for preparing an asset management plan
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  7. Life cycle of asset management
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  8. Overview of the infrastructure management process
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  9. Best practice and Best appropriate practice
    • Considering strategic organisation goals and the industry recognised requirements to establish best appropriate practice. 
    • Other factors influencing best appropriate practice:
    • 1. legal requirement
    • 2. customer expectations
    • 3. nature of assets
    • 4. exposure to risk
    • 5. availability of resources
  10. Austroads Best Practice Diagram
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  11. Best Practice for Buildings – Queensland Government
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  12. Corporate Examples of Best Practice:
    • Strategic Objectives of Organisations
    • A water authority’s corporate Asset Management Objectives

    A Parks authority policy statement…

    Strategic Vision of FHWA…
  13. A Generic Asset Management Model (FHWA)
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