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  1. One of the muckrackers' major achievements was to
    stir up popular support for reform.
  2. The Triangle Shirtwaist fire spurred interest in laws to
    protect workers from accidents.
  3. To conserve the nation's natural resources, Theodore Roosevelt wanted to
    use the techniques of scientific management.
  4. The Seventeenth Amendment
    made senators popularly elected.
  5. Theidea that government required the advice of experts was advocated by
    Robert La Follette
  6. During the Progressive era, the United States Supreme Court
    agreed to a ten-hour workday for men and women.
  7. Passed in 1906, the Hepburn Act
    expanded the ICC's power over railroad rates.
  8. Inthe case against the Northern Securities Company,  Theodore Roosevelt sought to
    break up a major railroad company.
  9. The Jungle
    Written by Upton Sinclair in 1906 about the meat packing industry filthy conditions. Roosevelt read and created the meat inspection act of 1906
  10. Election on 1912
    Wilson & Taft and Eugene Debs as socialist. Roosevelt was shot on his way to one of his speechs by Jon Schrank. Wilson won. High water mark for the progressim. gave democrats effective national power for the first time since the civil war
  11. Progreessives supports
    curb powers of local political machines and establish honest and effective government. wanted to end child labor, add safety to the work place, ban sale of alcohol, end womens suggerage.
  12. The Clayton Anti-Trust Act attempted to regulate trusts by
    defining actions of unfair competition
  13. 16th amendment
    allows congress to levy income taxes without apportion it among the states or basing it on census results.
  14. 18th amendment
    Prohibition of alcohol
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